Mom-to-Be - The Most Beautiful Phase of a Woman’s Life

Mom-to-Be – The Most Beautiful Phase of a Woman’s Life

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling and you can truly get to know how special it is when you step into that beautiful phase. I guess every woman has her own set of questions and inquisitiveness tagged to it.


Having entered motherhood recently, I can say that there are some basic things that work universally – what you may call the golden rules of pregnancy. Healthy eating, a consistent active schedule, keeping yourself up and optimistic, and most importantly, loving your physical being as it transforms during the process is important. During this precious time, every day brings to you a new feeling and a discovery of your own potential. To sustain it, balancing all aspects of your physical and mental being becomes a primary responsibility.

When I look back now, I feel that the initial days of pregnancy are the toughest as you need to achieve perfect harmony between your physical self and your inner being. For me, the following inclusions in my lifestyle made it easy to get along with my changing self quickly and smoothly.

  • Getting used to healthy and nutritious eating habits have now become a part of my life.
  • A wardrobe modification helped me prepare for the changing body. It’s actually a driving factor to feel good about your physical appearance and believe me, it gives you a lot of good memories later on. So carry yourself to look chic and stylish all through.
  • Being very particular about the kind of footwear I was using, as it was time to get comfy in flats and lighter fashionable stuff, relieved me of the pressure of the increasing weight on my body.
  • A pregnancy pillow is a must-buy from the very initial stages and believe me, it comes in handy even post delivery.
  • Fragrances or no fragrances is what is going to be a big issue so it’s good to buy sensitive and branded fragrance-free toiletries! Your nose tends to get ultra sensitive!
  • I would suggest investing in a large bag or maybe even a diaper bag for yourself at this stage. This works to cater to our personal needs during pregnancy and later on functions as per its name – diaper/baby bag.
  • A good pair of walking shoes is again not to be missed. It’s time to be on your toes!
  • A very consistent active schedule that includes a walk, mediation or a light yoga session (as suggested and suitable) is something I’d recommend.
  • A dedicated time slot spent listening to soothing music tracks helped me relax. For me, it included garbha sanskar tracks available online and specific tracks for pregnancy. It really helps keep you focused!
  • Keeping in touch with your own self and the growing life within is important.
  • Lastly, staying closely connected to your spouse and other family members matters, for they are the best companions on this journey you’re going through!

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