Planning a Baby? 5 Things to Know Before You Get Pregnant

Planning a Baby? 5 Things to Know Before You Get Pregnant

Every woman dreams of becoming a mother someday. Nowadays, women are career oriented and finding a good work-life balance has become a challenge. But as soon as we get married, everyone, right from family to friends, can’t wait to hear the news of your pregnancy.. Although we want to experience the motherhood, we keep delaying it for some or other reason. Pregnancy is a huge decision, and you should plan for it only when you and your partner are mentally, physically and financially ready.

While planning to have a baby, it is essential to take care of these things:

1. Know your ovulation cycle : Generally, ovulation happens on the 12th or 13th day of your ovulation cycle, but everyone has a different cycle. It is important to get an ovulation study done to know the best dates for you to try for baby. Book an appointment with your gynaecologist and plan effectively.

2. Get a full body checkup : In this fast paced life, we hardly take time to take care of our health. Junk foods, late nights, binge eating, and binge watching might be impacting our health. You and your partner need to be happy and healthy to concieve.

3. Sort your finances : Stop shopping and start saving. It is not only after the baby comes that you will need to have money saved up, but during pregnancy as well. Weekly doctor’s visits, ultrasounds, meds, and healthy food takes a toll on your expenses. Also, maternity leave is only for six months and you might not be joining for another 2-3 months as you don’t want to leave your baby so soon.

4. Sort your job : If you are planning for a job switch, do it now. Because after having a baby, it is only going to be delayed. Make sure you spend atleast three months in your new job before you go on paid maternity leave, as it is a government rule.

5. Take a vacation : Get some sun or sand before you have the little bun in your oven. You won’t be allowed to travel in your pregnancy, atleast in the first and third trimester. Once you have the baby, you won’t be having a vacation any time soon.

The key to a smooth conception and pregnancy is not to stress too much. Stay happy and healthy, and trust yourself to make the best decision!

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