Everything You Should Know About Teething

Everything You Should Know About Teething

Between the age of six months to two and a half years, milk teeth start coming in for children. This stage is very crucial for infants and very challenging for parents, especially new parents. I too faced this challenging period when my kids were growing up, but being a dentist, I knew various tips and tricks that made it easier for my daughters and myself to get through this phase.

Symptoms of Teething

There are some common signs of teething that you may confuse with viral fever, diarrhoea or another medical problem. Initially, teething goes unnoticed by many parents.
  1. Irritation due to pain and itching in gums. The child wants to continuously put something chewable in his mouth to soothe himself.
  2. Trouble sleeping
  3. Refusing to eat
  4. Mild fever, which is mistaken with seasonal change fever by many.
  5. Diarrhoea
  6. Cough and cold. This happens because kids try putting any foreign object in their mouth, which can cause an infection. The cough can also be caused by saliva.

Remedies to Ease Pain

  1. Give the child a pealed and washed vegetable like a carrot or fruit like an apple.  It is nutritional and hard to chew, which soothes discomfort and pain.
  2. Keep the child hydrated.
  3. Apply glycerine on the gums and massage it. Glycerine is sweet in taste and your child won’t mind.
  4. If kids are bottle fed, use serrated nipples on the bottle.
  5. A gum paint by the name of Zytee is available at medical stores. They are specially designed for teething. It has a low concentration of lignocaine gel, which numbs the gums and reduces pain and irritation.

Teething is a phase that every child goes through, and it’ll be over as soon as you know it. In the meantime, these tips will reduce discomfort and make both you and your child’s life much easier.

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