Why You Should Make a Diaper Changing Station for Your Newborn Baby

I am sharing today why we need a changing table for our newborn baby. When I was setting my room for my baby’s arrival, I saw and read many mommy articles on how to set a baby room before arrival.

We had a crib, a washroom, a kitchen, and a changing table in our one-room apartment. I always wondered how were we going to live in such a small place with a baby. But it turned out to be an excellent decision to not move out and find a big house later. As my baby started growing and walking around. I could easily keep an eye on him working anywhere while cooking or washing something in the washroom.

Coming back to the changing table topic, this was the best thing we did for him.

Babies are brilliant little beings. They know what we are doing and why we are doing it if we tell them. Yes, tell them! I always tell him what we are going to do and why this is happening. What I am doing to him. And saw that he actually responded in a positive way to everything.

The right time to introduce things to your baby is soon after he is born. And they always know what is expected out of it.

When we introduced our baby to a diaper changing table whenever he pooped, or whenever it was time to change the diaper, we took him out from wherever he was playing to this changing table. And once he was on the table, he knew what was going to happen. He was always quiet whenever we changed him. He liked to get cleaned and even now he likes to be on the table whenever we are changing him. Nowadays, he also pulls out his changing mat from its place and tells us he wants to change his diaper whenever he poops.

Making a Changing Station at the Vacation Hotel

When you are traveling, you can use the hotel room table or a corner credenza as a changing station. In five-star hotels, it’s effortless to get the station ready, by only informing them of your need. And you can also make it yourself using two towels on the table. But when you are not staying at such a hotel you can use a blanket or request for some extra bedsheets to place on the table and make a changing station. I did myself, every time we were out on vacation.

We even took some advantage of this changing table in a fun way. Whenever our baby was upset or not in a good mood, also when he was 2-9 months old and not in a cheerful state and crying, we used to simply pick him up and put him on that table. Like a robot, he was programmed to keep calm on that table. He used to be quiet over there, and we could just sit next to him, take a relaxing breath and talk to him.

Ps: That was my husband’s idea, and it worked!

For Better Body Posture for Parents

The changing station or table is beneficial in keeping our sanity and right body posture.
When you are standing and changing the diaper, your spinal cord is straight, and your back is not painful. On top of that, your work happens quickly. Because you have all the work view in front of you. I also like to keep our baby’s changing station area well-lit for better cleaning and much more like inspecting my baby’s buttocks for any rashes and so on.

So that’s my suggestion, keep a changing station for your baby so that he knows what to expect. And babies also love to stay mentally prepared just like us parents.

You can also try a car seat, stroller, baby carrier, and baby crib right after they are born, so they get used to the things this world works on. Other than the world of the womb.

Happy parenting!

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