A Mother's Care Is the Best and Amazing Thing in This World

A Mother’s Care Is the Best and Amazing Thing in This World

During my pregnancy, my mother cared for me a lot. She gave her 100% by putting an effort on my diet chart to my sleeping time. I spent my nine months very peacefully by getting so much attention from my family. It’s very important for expecting mothers to live in a peaceful environment during these months which helps in bringing a  healthy child with good brain development. So keeping these things in mind, my mother proved herself the best mother because when I conceived, my weight was only 37 kgs, though I delivered a 3.5 kg child as normal delivery. So hats to the mothers who are very caring towards their daughters. My mother gives me foot massages, a head oil massage, and prepared my favourite food. During my days of pregnancy, she went to the market and bought clothes for my child, she kept on thinking of different things for complete preparation. Whenever I felt upset, she guided me for the best. She kept telling me to avoid mobile during pregnancy and guided me about my sitting and sleeping positions.

Most importantly she wanted me to be connected with God and my chanting Ram, etc. After my delivery, we shifted to our village so that Vitharv Raj, my son could see greenery, could hear birds chirping, and be social with my family and get their love. My advice for every expecting mother is to love and bring your child to that environment which will be better for their development. Secondly, they should eat healthy food like pure ghee, curd, fruits, etc., wake up early to see the birds chirping, read books, watch cricket, positive videos, videos related to learning guides for post-delivery. Be happy no matter what, because your child’s development is more important than anything. My mother proved wrong to those who said things like a thin and underweight woman cannot deliver a healthy child.

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