Are You a New Mom? Read This If Struggling in Motherhood

So you are a new mom, congratulations!
After delivery now its time to start a new life, a new job, a new struggle.Your daily routines have changed.Your romantic peaceful nights are replaced by sleepless nights.Your luxurious spas are replaced by 2 minutes shower.Your stylish branded clutches replaced by huge carry bags meant for your baby
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Well, wait! I am not scaring you.I want you to be mentally prepared, stay calm and enjoy your new journey, your motherhood journey.

We often have the same perspective on motherhood. Sleepless exhausted nights, stitches pain, weakness, panda eyes, fat belly and what not?

New moms get panicked as soon as the baby cries without trying to understand that the baby is new to the environment around him/her. At this phase, the support of family especially her husband is much needed.

Mom, stop worrying about your skin, household chores, laundry and give all your attention to your baby. Your baby needs extra care, love, hugs and only you can do this.

After all, so long you have waited for this moment, so many pains you have borne to bring your baby to this world. Now just embrace the moment, take your charge and start the new journey.

For this, you have to be physically as well as mentally strong and healthy. Cut all the negativity out from your life and go with the flow. This is a phase which will soon pass away.

Take a look at your baby, admire his small eyes, tiny fingers. Your baby is your part, your own flesh and blood.
Motherhood is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of patience.

There would be times when you would be judged by others. Breastfeed or not, stay at home or working home and much more. Listen to them but follow your instincts. Do what you feel is right for you and your baby.

Take care of your self too. How can a tired, exhausted mom take care of the baby?

Take short naps with your baby.
Ask for help from your family.
Have a nutritious diet as your baby is on your feed.

No need to take guilt for that extra 15 mins sleep, that extra cup of coffee or some makeup.

Child’s care and well being is your prime concern and priority but do not lose yourself in this process.

Do all those things that give you happiness and satisfaction.  Have a break. Be a happy mom because only a happy mom can raise happy children.

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