Tune in This Healthy Diet for Your Baby

Many new mothers question what to offer their babies after six months. So, here’s my experience. I began with a combination of cerelac wheat and apple. After some days I switched to rice, which caused constipation. I then switched to harira made of wheat flour (atta) since the stool was hard and painful. I also started feeding my child boiled eggs and upma. When she was eight months old, I made my baby eat ragi harira with cerelac mixture vegetable. To be honest, it was going swimmingly. Then she turned ten months old, and I began giving her simple rice to chew on and some boiled chicken or mutton to eat. She is now one and a half years old, and I am feeding her practically everything: fruits, liquids, khichdi and potato fries. She needs to try various dishes to broaden her palate. When your baby begins to eat solid foods, don’t forget to give them milk, as it is essential for developing a baby’s bones.

You may like to experiment with new foods by simply combining the proper ingredients. Learn some essential ones to add up. There is a lot of struggle at first, but it appears to be enjoyable and straightforward as you get used to it. Don’t be anxious about what to provide every day; some food can last for months. There’s nothing wrong with that, but make sure you’re giving it correctly in terms of nutrition.

I hope my experience has been of some assistance to you. You are welcome to leave a remark and tell me about your difficulties. Also, the meals you provide for your little one, the nutrition, the routine, and the amount of sleep should be accurate and well within the limit. Sleeping time should also be adhered to, as irregular timings can disrupt the baby’s habit. It is necessary to remember all minor details that make a significant difference.

Make a diet chart to make your day more manageable and less stressful. Make a note of the time and the dish on a piece of paper. Use magnets to attach it to the refrigerator. As a result, you won’t have to look for it. Simply walk into the kitchen, look over the menu, and get to work.

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