Positive Mind Leads to Healthy Life

Positive Mind Leads to Healthy Life

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First and foremost, a huge thank you to the entire gynaecological and paediatric community for supporting all aspiring parents and new parents on their parenting journey. We go through a number of uncertainties as a pregnant woman and as a new mother throughout this beautiful journey.

All I’ve learned on my journey is that everyone is different and that everyone’s body reacts differently. We may experience highs and lows, but how we handle them directly impacts your child. We instil in them the importance of remaining strong and cheerful from the moment they are born. Talking to your baby regularly, sharing our emotions, indulging ourselves, and, most importantly, instilling happy thoughts in our minds helps the baby grow beautifully on the inside. The term “beauty” in this context refers to a healthy mind.

In my own experience, my husband and I tested positive for COVID-19 in my sixth month of pregnancy. Unfortunately, my husband also had a fracture at the same time. Initially, I had serious concerns about him and my baby. I began talking to my child about my anxieties and requested him to help me get out of the situation to relieve my stress. To my surprise, it proved beneficial, and we could come out of the situation successfully. My optimistic and strong mind helped me a lot in this situation.

Whatever goes wrong, we have our saviours and warriors (Doctors) who have done an incredible job in providing us with bundles of joy even in these testing times. Other women who have sailed in the same boat may better understand my particular experience, but there are still a few untold experiences that may inspire us. The most important key to accessing our lovely experiences is self-motivation.

So, aside from staying at home and staying safe, I’d like to say; Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

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