How to Guide Your Children as They Move Ahead in Life, Career and Much More

How to Guide Your Children as They Move Ahead in Life, Career and Much More

I wish to take it to a level where many parents get benefited while guiding their children psychologically. Children should be indulged in learning by doing and should never say ‘no’ to an activity. Let’s play with psychology and get the best out of it to bring up our children.

The overburden on children’s tender shoulders can lead them into a negative mindset and depression. Nowadays parents expect too much from their children as competition is tough. They end up killing kindergarten days of their child’s life. Rather we should indulge in children on a psychological level. The approach should be:

  1. “See me do.”
  2. “See you can do, too.”
  3. “If you can’t, we can do.”

Similarly, we can even try to know about our children’s wishes and fields of interest. If we find any desired interest in them let’s not forget that every tender flower has its own fragrance, colour and characteristics. We very often thrust responsibilities on their shoulders without knowing how capable they are.

Let Me Give an illustration for Instance

Last time I was trying to teach numbers to a baby girl. But in to time, she would forget call two as three, one as two, and so on. But whatsoever, we never gave up. I just bought 3 rubber balls and numbered them, and started throwing them. I started asking the baby to get ball tagged with ‘one’ and so on. Obviously, she made mistakes. But every time I was there to tell her which one she had to get. Slowly but systematically she learnt which one was the right one! Finally, I replaced all rubber balls with marker pens; when I wrote ‘1’ or ‘one’ she called out the right number!

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