My Child is a Picky Eater and I am Okay With It - Here's Why!

My Child is a Picky Eater and I am Okay With It – Here’s Why!

As parents, we worry about our children’s health if they are fussy eaters. My son is also a picky eater, but not like other picky eaters. Initially, we used to worry a bit that our son didn’t like all types of food. He liked only certain types of food. After analysing, we realised that he liked only home-cooked food. He never liked eating at restaurants or having junk food such as pizza, chat, burgers, etc.

Our worries were different from other parents. We were worried about what we will give him when we travel, attend functions, or visit friends and family with him. Then we decided that we will order healthy food or take homemade food with us for our son whenever or wherever we go. Our child is fussy but he doesn’t throw tantrums because he wants junk food. It is a boon for us, as we don’t have to worry that he will eat lots of junk food. However, he has a soft corner for chips and milk chocolate.

We are very happy that he prefers home-cooked food. Eating home-cooked is good for health and does not lead to stomach issues or food poisoning. He prefers eating dosa, idli, vegetable rice, dal, curd rice, bread, cheese, and milk. These are his favourites but we give him other healthy drinks too just to ensure that his nutrient requirements are met.

My child is a picky eater and he picks healthy and we are proud of him. Eating healthy food has strengthened his immune system. Earlier, he used to constantly complain of throat infections and fall sick often, but now he is fine. And I am sure it is because of his healthy eating habits.

I have understood that being a picky eater, and choosing healthy stuff has worked well for him. It has also helped me as I don’t have to worry about getting a new recipe every day for my kiddo. Healthy eating habits can help in a child’s growth, weight, and immune strength. I hope he continues to make healthy choices in life and grows properly.

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