Deportment and Culpability For Kids As Well As Parents During This Pandemic

Deportment and Culpability For Kids As Well As Parents During This Pandemic

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing well, although this covid has made our lives hell and affected almost every family during its second wave. But as we know this phase will also go soon; time is not the same always.

Today, I just want to share my own experience with my 4-year-old boy as he is suffering a lot from being in lockdown for more than 1 month. He is getting stubborn day by day and wants new toys as he can’t go out to play and sometimes become aggressive, too.

I know many moms are going through this situation in this pandemic. Sometimes, we start scolding as we need to do other household work, but scolding kids is not the need of the hour. Yes, it’s very important for us to understand the exact mindset of our kids this time and make them feel good instead of making them feel worse by losing our temper on them.

We need to understand that they are kids only so making nuisance and all is their nature, so we should not scold them for that. Being polite with kids and telling them to do something will surely help. We should play indoor games with them so that they don’t feel alone. Tell them about good manners by giving various examples of self-making stories and teach them about responsibility. We should also keep in mind while we teach our child about manners and responsibility we should first follow them. If we aren’t doing this and abusing and fighting in front of them, then how can we expect our kid to behave nicely with us? So, as all the kids are home, we should control our anger, aggression, and every emotion that could affect our kids’ minds as they are growing up. They learn from what they see daily. What they do is 90% of what their parents do. So, during this covid, we should pay attention to our kids or the ongoing lockdown will make them stubborn and aggressive.

The best way to make children feel good is to make them happy in whatever situation it is.

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