Monsoons – As Described By a 3-year-old

kid enjoying the rains

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The other day my 3-year-old came jumping with an umbrella and said she loved rains. I think monsoons make everything wet and inconvenient in the rains; we can’t even go out. There is greenery, and it is a relief from the hot summer, but still, I don’t find it comfortable.

On this, my kid said, “Mumma, you don’t understand rains.” And, this is how our conversation on the rains began.

Mumma: It is always pouring, and there is water everywhere.

Baby: Mumma, this water is a shower for trees, roads and buildings. They don’t even have a washroom and are always dirty.

Mumma: The roads are muddy, and we can’t ride our scooter.

Baby: Mumma, the grasshoppers and worms come out for a walk in the rains. Our scooter will hurt them. And, the muddy puddles and colourful umbrellas can be enjoyed only when we are on foot.

Mumma: It’s windy and wet, even clothes don’t dry.

Baby: Mumma, the trees are dancing to the music of pitter-patter rains and breeze. Even the wet clothes inside the house make a lovely peek-a-boo maze for us to play. And Mumma, do you know what the clouds are? They are white and black dragons playing around. When they fight, we hear the thunder and the lightning is the fire from their mouths. And, the rainbows are the unicorns painting the sky. When it rains, they are happy and move around the sky, making it colourful.

This is probably one of the best descriptions of monsoons. Everyone loves the monsoons when they are young. But as we grow, the negative things become more prominent, and we cease to find happiness in small things.

It’s time to learn from our babies how to be happy and enjoy every moment. They have a fresh perception of things around us. They are not biased or influenced by anything. They are innocent in the purest form.

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