Baby Blues and Depression - Here's How You Can Cope

Baby Blues and Depression – Here’s How You Can Cope

When you’re carrying your little bundle of joy, you’ll be excited for the arrival of the baby and will be treated like the princess who’s going to give birth to the next generation of your wonderful family. Indeed, becoming a mother is a blissful and proud feeling. However, it’s only after the birth of your child that you realise that motherhood not only brings in happy moments but also throws some challenges and sad moments your way.

Anything could be the reason for depression. Some reasons that made me sad were:

  1. I used to sleep away to glory before and now, I was barely able to get an hour’s deep sleep.
  1. My husband and I used to go out every weekend but now, I don’t even have the time to speak to him or care for him.
  1. I used to be an outgoing extrovert and now I am confined within my home, having to attend to the different cries of my son.
  1. My whole body was aching after the process of labour and delivery.

Simply put, I find that I am not the same person I used to be.

No doubt, I love my little one like anything, but I also gradually realised that feeling sad about all the new changes that childbirth brings with it is completely NORMAL.

Gradually, I came out of the feeling and now, I’m much more grateful and happy. Here, I would like to share some things that helped me cope up with my baby blues.

  1. I started writing a diary. I wrote about each new thing my little one did that made me happy. Writing this will make you observe your little one keenly every day, and you will forget all other worries.
  1. The first time I checked the weight of my baby, I felt very happy that my breastmilk is helping my baby grow. This feeling that a human is growing with your bonding is simply divine and the very thought of it makes me get up with extra energy in the middle of the night. So every time your baby pees or poops, be happy about it, as it means he’s feeding well.
  1. I started talking to my husband, exclusively sparing at least 10 mins of my time only for him. I am sure you can get this time and keep telling each other that you love each other a lot. Expressing yourself makes you feel a lot lighter.
  1. I started conversing with my mom, asking her how I was as a child and also about my sibling and cousins. Listening to all this will make you feel that all that you’re going through is completely normal and every lady has to sail through this journey in their lifetime. So, why not make the journey happier by saying that this too shall pass?
  1. Most importantly, give yourself time. Patience and dedication is the greatest quality required to raise a baby. Think of all the positive blessings in your life.

Realise that you are blessed and realise that as each day unfolds, things will be better. Cherish and enjoy the world’s best feeling – MOTHERHOOD.

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