Being a Mother Changes Everything in a Woman

Being a Mother Changes Everything in a Woman

After marriage, I wanted to take a gap in planning a baby. My husband and I agreed on that, but due to the pressure from in-laws, I conceived. When I took a test on a home pregnancy kit and realised that I was pregnant, I was shocked and started crying. But suddenly, something changed in me. I started feeling very happy about the fact that I was carrying a baby – my baby. I feel it is the most amazing thing that happened to me. As time passed and I saw my baby in my second coloured ultrasound, I got very emotional and loved that moment. I can’t explain the happiness I felt after seeing my cute little baby inside my womb.

It was after 6 months that I started to feel my baby’s kicks. It is an awesome experience when a baby kicks. Experiencing every movement of the baby within the womb is something only mothers can feel. It was a great feeling and finally, the day came when I finally got my Shona in my hands. She was very delicate and small. Again, I started crying. I realised all the sacrifices that my mother has made for me, it came before my eyes. I actually understood that motherhood is something that cannot be explained. We can’t express the feeling, we can only live that amazing feeling. It is something way too far to explain. Nobody can understand the feeling of joy of being a child’s mother until a woman herself conceives. Whenever my baby smiles, I feel I am the happiest person in this world. She is my whole world.

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Today I can say that motherhood is something that changes everything in a woman. A woman is no more a daughter and a daughter-in-law or a wife or anything else. First, she is a mother!

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