The One Who Gave Me the Privilege of Owning the Word - Motherhood!

The One Who Gave Me the Privilege of Owning the Word – Motherhood!

I believe every woman has in her a maternal instinct right from the time she is born, but it completes itself when she has a child of her own. I was basically one of those tomboys who had no clue how to handle a child, let alone a baby.

But God had his own plan in training me. I was diagnosed with typhoid when I tested positive for pregnancy. I was hospitalized under special care to keep the baby safe. To add to the chaos, my sugar levels spiked up. The first 3 months went in a diet for typhoid, and on the other hand, I was categorized as type-2 diabetic. Too much stress and anxiety with nauseous days, I ended up bleeding one fine afternoon. Good doctors save your day! She consoled me and gave me the much-needed pep talk, and put me on bed rest with injections every 15 days till the 6th month. I guess I was being prepared much more strongly to take care of my child through thick and thin.

The second trimester was getting better; however, my sugar levels kept increasing. But my mind was strong. I started doing yoga, I was very strict with my diet, if tempted, I made sure I didn’t exceed the max calorie level for a day. I drank loads of water. I walked and walked, even though afternoons were dead tired. The baby inside me gave high fives and kept me moving ahead.

In the third trimester, my doctor was sure that it will be a high risk pregnancy and delivery, and advised me to be ready for both natural and Cesarean birth. The weight gain in spite of insulin was under control for both of us. Since his response rate was low, we had to go for an elective Cesarean. There he was in my hand – all safe and sound with no impact of diabetes on him. Yes it was a boy, just as I wished! Every sacrifice I made during my pregnancy, the efforts in keeping myself healthy reflected well in that little one’s body. Oh, what a joy it was to see him wiggle and cry and smile – it kept me engaged the whole day.

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Post pregnancy is much more challenging, but it is worth it all. Every milestone, every developmental achievement, it all starts with a mother’s mindset to keep herself strong for that little one. I’ve heard and been counselled on how a mother’s stress can impact the kid. Worry and anxiety, stress and hormonal changes, mood swings are all inevitable. But when you make up your mind to strive against them, I guess that sends the right impulse to the baby.

The new timeless days and nights with him. Trying to teach and be taught. Reaching out to the doctor, Googling and searching blogs for every uneasiness the baby has. The big job of breastfeeding the clinging child at every request. Forget to comb, eat on time, watch your favorite shows, cook and take care of other household work, multi-tasking is at its peak.

Shooing away free advice, taking the right call and making your first kid, the husband understanding that we are in this together, I guess we are born natural in taking up this role. Being strong in all situations, be it inside the womb or much more when you have the child in hand and so many people come suggesting things, taking your stand on how you want to bring up your child, you become the role model your child needs. What the future holds, I don’t know. But this I know – the kid is going to keep me on the run to make me complete the full round of the gift he has given – motherhood!

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