Let's Start With Solids: Our Little Step Towards the Big World of Food

Let’s Start With Solids: Our Little Step Towards the Big World of Food

Being a new mom of a cute little princess, every new milestone is a huge encouragement for both of us! So when my daughter turned 5 month olds, the doctor suggested we start with semi-solids, and here is our little venture with semi-solids.

Being a doctor myself, I only relied on my pediatrician, who guided and my own instinct.

To all the mommies out there who are planning to start with weaning, here are basic essentials that are required:

1. Trunk control yes the most important thing. Your baby must be able to sit by himself or herself with or without support. Remember semi-solids should only be fed in an upright position.
2. Temperature of the food should not be too hot or too cold; it should be lukewarm.
3. Though you can mix the food with breastmilk or formula feed, my doctor suggested we go ahead with water and not milk.
4. No force-feeding: Food should be enjoyed by the child and in case the child isn’t having it when you offer then change the timing of giving him food.
5. High chair/chair: Make sure the meals are given to the baby only at one particular place. Kindly refrain from putting on music or screen time when starting with feeding it will distract the baby and the baby might not have the food.
6. Bibs: Go for full-sleeved ones and plastic ones and on top of it use a cotton one. This will not soil clothes and the child can enjoy the meal too.
7. Bowl and spoon: I use a suction bowl which helps me to avoid any spillage and as advised by the doctor, I  started with a soft-tipped spoon as the baby gums are delicate and soft.
So these are the basic weaning essentials one needs before they start.

So we started with the rule of 1 food 1 day 1 meal for 3 days, then progressed to adding 1 new food and 1 old food, continued again for 3 days, and so on. We stuck to only 2 meals a day till the baby turned 6 months.

Red flags to be taken care of-
Be aware of any allergies that might develop- look for blisters, diarrhea, constipation.
Consistency of the food should be according to the baby’s need; not too liquid nor too thick. It should be runny.
Keep in mind not to use the same food for the next day. Always prepare fresh food.
You can boil or steam the food and mash it with your hand or masher.
Here is a list of foods that we have introduced. I have made it easy by dividing them into four sections. Would be writing about them in my next blog!

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