Is the 'Fear of Success' Stopping You From Taking Up New Challenges in Your Career?

Is the ‘Fear of Success’ Stopping You From Taking Up New Challenges in Your Career?

Fear of success is the major thing that causes women to abruptly end their careers. Generally, women choose to be successful mothers over successful professionals. Especially Indian mothers don’t want to create disturbances in their family because of their jobs.
Generally, fear of failure stops us from doing new things. In this case, people think that maybe their knowledge is not enough to do that thing. But fear of success is also one of the reasons for not trying new things or not doing the things which we want to do. Yes, fear of success does exist.
This fear is because of new responsibilities and challenges that come along with success. People feel fearful that they have to do more work than before or spend more time and effort than before. Especially mothers think – what if they can’t spend time with their children because of professional responsibilities? Lack of time may create disturbances in their marital life. This is the major reason women don’t want to take promotions even if they are eligible for a better position. In some cases, women abruptly end their professional life.
But these are all myths. When we observe women like Vijaya Gadde who is the legal advisor of Twitter, who helped with the legal procedure in removing Trump’s account from Twitter. The all-women team who completed the historical North Pole journey from San Francisco to Bangalore. Dr Swathi Mohan in the Mars exploration project held by NASA. These women have their personal life too. All that we need is proper planning and the dare to leave our comfort zone. Big things don’t happen inside the comfort zone, we need to come out of it.
As per experts, parents can be the best role model for their children. We need not be in a higher position for becoming role models. Children observe, how their mother is balancing both personal and professional life. They learn dedication for work, the importance of family ànd multitasking if we can successfully balance profession and family.
Even in the recent COVID crisis, families with a single income faced so many problems as compared to families with more than one income source. So we can provide financial security to our family if we have income.
So never give up your profession for fear of it creating disturbances in the family. There are so many platforms providing online courses and also so many jobs which we can do in the comfort of our home.
So restart your journey which you have stopped, because of the FEAR OF SUCCESS.

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