How to Make a Marriage Valuable

How to Make a Marriage Valuable

A parent-child relationship is by birth, the relationship between siblings is by blood, and the one without compromises is friendship. There is one more relation between two people who might come from the same or different cultural backgrounds but decide to hold each other’s hands and share their future together as Husband and Wife. Such relationships are made by God, and that’s why I think they say “Marriages are made in Heaven”. This particular write-up of mine is to share my thoughts about marriage. Sometimes, it takes years to find a life partner, but sometimes we just find him in no time; it’s all about destiny. And finally, the D-Day arrives when the wedding bells ring, the two take Wedding Vows, and promise to support each other and be by their side in good and bad times.

A successful marriage is not about living together for years, it’s actually living happily with each other. We never get things easily in our life, if we get something easily we forget to value its importance. Similarly, for a happy marriage, both have to make some compromises, both have to stand for each other when needed, and both have to love each other against all odds. For a plant to grow, it needs proper sunlight, sufficient water and a good fertiliser only then can it grow a beautiful flower. In the same way, a beautiful marriage relationship needs proper understanding and spending sufficient quality time together. Grooming a relationship is always important, which can be done either by going out on a holiday trip, surprising each other occasionally with gifts, or just by saying “Love you” to each other.

The word “love” doesn’t only mean affection, it also means caring for him when he is not well, trusting him even without knowing about him and supporting him even when he doesn’t ask for it. I personally feel, in a relationship, we have to remember two things, first, never break your promises because when you don’t keep your promises, it’s not just a word that you break but it’s the trust and faith your loved one has on you. Secondly, never have any expectations from your partner. When expectations are not met, we hurt ourselves and the partner too. An understanding husband and a supporting wife together make a relationship valuable. It doesn’t matter if you are married for 2 years or 25 years or whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage, every couple will face some tough time and ups and downs in life but it will not last long. Always remember life is like a storybook with the ending line mentioned as…”Lived Happily Ever After”.

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