The ‘Entrance Exam’ of Motherhood – From Pregnancy to Delivery

The 'Entrance Exam' of Motherhood - From Pregnancy to Delivery

Yes! This title fits so well for the story I am going to share with you all. The very first moment my husband and I got to know that we were pregnant, the first emotion I experienced was the feeling of nervousness. This was regarding many things on the list – How will our journey be? Will I be able to stay strong on this journey? Will my body support me? Will I be able to do it?

So, with all these thoughts and emotions, we got on board the beautiful journey which was leading me to experience motherhood. And like any would-be mom, I wanted my delivery to be a vaginal one! In the span of those 9 months, the only thing I realized was that if there is anyone else apart from your partner who can help in making your pregnancy better, it is the one and only gynaecologist – your doctor! You are lucky if you are in good hands. Fortunately, I was in good hands!

Finally, the day came when we went for my last routine checkup and by looking at my condition, my gynaecologist suggested inducing labour pain. Like any other first-time parents-to-be, we followed her instructions! On 7th December 2016, at 6 a.m., my husband and I left home for the last time as a couple, in the hope that when we enter our home next, we wouldn’t be a family of two anymore!

My ‘entrance exam’ of motherhood started at 7 a.m. in the hospital. After a lot of hustle and a long time (which included three pessaries, epidural, and my water break), it continued until the 8th of December, till 4 p.m. I was in labour for 33hrs, after which my body started losing its strength and my uterus stopped responding after being 4 cm dilated. Then the doctor had no other option left but to conduct a C-section (we weren’t prepared for that), but I wanted to clear my entrance at any cost like any other would-be mom! My husband and I somehow convinced each other to go for it, and that’s how on 8th December, at 5.43 p.m., we brought our daughter into our life! This is not only my story of passing the ‘motherhood entrance’, but this can be yours too. I am sure many of the women here can relate to this.

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