A Guide to Practical Baby Gifts Parents Want to Receive

A Guide to Practical Baby Gifts Parents Want to Receive

When a loved one has a baby or they are expecting, we fall into the thought-vortex of ‘what shall I gift the parents and the baby?’ Here are 7 practical gifts that are a definite ten!

1. Diapers and Cloth Nappies or Reusable Diapers

Babies are constantly pooping and peeing. I put my baby in diapers only at night, so that both of us can get some uninterrupted sleep. Cloth nappies are used for the day exclusively. Though it is a personal choice, this gift will keep the baby dry and happy, and the parents will feel grateful.

2. Skincare Products

It is important to keep the baby and her surroundings clean and healthy, and to massage the baby with oils for stronger bones. Soaps and body wash are used for daily bath rituals, after which follow body lotions and cream. Therefore, a stock of products is always a good thing.

3. Bathtubs or Baby Sling/Bather

Bathing babies is a delicate task. Time and space constraints may hinder traditional bathing rituals. These products are specifically designed keeping in mind the comfort of babies and ease of use for parents. It will be an important product used every day.

4. Potty Trainer

Good sanitary habits can be inculcated as early as possible. I started teaching my baby these habits when she was 4 months old. Potty training is necessary. And, what better gift than a gift of sanitary habits?

5. Strollers and Prams

If you’re being generous, gift them a stroller or a pram. Every time the parents go out with the baby for a stroll in the park or shopping in the mall, they will remember and thank you.

6. Pacifier or Soother

Babies can start using a pacifier after they cross one month of age. As the name suggests, they pacify the baby during distress. It also reduces the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) considerably. Never substitute soothers for feeding, however. Additional advice for parents – keep more than one, in case of emergencies.

7. Teether

Every baby goes through the pain and irritation of teething. You can choose to gift a sterilised, water-filled, BPA-free silicone teether. It will be safe in case of any tears occurring in the toy due to chewing. There are eco-friendly wooden teethers available as well. Make a collection to soothe the baby’s pain.

Becoming parents is an overwhelming experience. Therefore, gift the new parents in your life something practical and useful which will reduce their anxiety and stress, and add happier moments to their parenting days.

Happy gifting!

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