Motherhood is the Only Place Where Love Begins But Never Ends

Motherhood is the Only Place Where Love Begins But Never Ends

One fine sunny morning I wake up to see a pair of birds building a nest behind my house, bringing twigs from far away. The bird laid eggs and few days later hatchlings (baby birds) emerged out of those eggs. The mother bird cares for her babies the same way we do for our newborns, the way we keep them warm with the warmth of our love and care.

Some days ago, when I saw a not-so-economically-well-off lady carrying her baby in her lap and doing a job just to be to able to afford a meal for her family, it gave me an idea that poor or rich, to their mother every baby is alike. And this is the quality which motherhood enhances in every mother, a feeling of compassion, be it a human, animal or bird.

When somebody’s child is sick, we pray from the bottom of our heart for the child’s well being, because now we know how distressed a mother feels when her child is sick. Motherhood awakens a sensitivity for other mothers in a female.

Not only that, but motherhood also awakens a love that was forever subdued somewhere in your heart and that love awakens the feeling of selfless service. When your child sneezes just thrice, you forget that your own body is aching and you stand up in the service of your child.

When you are a mother your thoughts are always occupied by your child, whether your child is one metre apart or a mile apart from you. You may sometimes lose your temper but your little one’s small act of being sorry makes you feel emotional as to why you lost your temper.

And now I know why Nature is called Mother Nature – for her selfless service to humankind despite how much we have dismayed her. Being a Mother is in itself a blessing!

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