Quitting My Job for the Sake of Precious Pregnancy

Quitting My Job for the Sake of Precious Pregnancy

I was a booming engineer, with my skills and abilities I was on top of my career ladder. With my dreams and hopes it was almost 5 years of working. Once my mother had told me, whatever may be the situation never quit from your work. I believed in her words and wanted to do so, but my fate had different plans.

Me and my husband were in love for more than 5 years and we convinced our parents. With their blessings we had a great wedding. Soon after 3 months, I was conceived. We had planned properly that we will not plan anything as I was having PCOS. So,everyone was happy. I was super excited.  As it was our first time, we visited the gynaecologist when I missed my periods and after a pregnancy test and ultrasound of 35 days she prescribed some medicines and told everything is fine. Our bad luck she didn’t call for 45 day scan for heartbeat checking.

Because of some circumstances we had to change the doctor. I was going to my job as usual. Doctor used to tell that it is precious pregnancy. One day at my workplace I almost collapsed. Then Doctor said I have to be on bed rest until I enter 2nd trimester. So, I was on bed rest since I was one and half month pregnant. I was on leave from my job.

Exactly after 2 months 10 days, bleeding started and I was in shock. I was rushed to hospital, after ultrasound it was found that baby’s heartbeat not found. Fetus was not developed well. So, I had my first miscarriage. it was devastating. I was advised that next pregnancy I should be in bed rest from the day I get conceived.

I was mentally and physically upset and I took time to recover. During investigation it was got to know that I had hypothyroidism and was not prescribed any medicine for that.

We took time and after 4 years of marriage, we planned and started with folic acid tablets from 3 months. I conceived and it was the happiest thing for me but more than that I was so scared. During that time I was doing my job well and was on verge of promotion in my software field.

It was given a strict instruction to be on bed rest. I had no choice than quitting my job, as it was my precious pregnancy. I was on bed rest during my pregnancy. Still bleeding happened when it was 13th week of pregnancy. Got a cervical stitch at 24th week as cervix was dilating. Had a emergency C section at 32nd week. My baby was born preterm and I was not shown to her as she was shifted to another hospital. I saw her after 2 days of my delivery and I felt all the pain and bed rest was worth for her. I felt she is my world. I could hold her in my arms and breastfeed her after 9 days.

Now she is 18 months old healthy and beautiful. I have no one to take care of her so, I have not yet joined back to work. I feel like when will I start my work, when will I be the same old person and I know I am a different person now. But I can’t leave her in anyone’s hand, as I know no one can love her and take care of her as I do.

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