Thank you 2018 - The Best Ever Thing Happened in My Life!

Thank you 2018 – The Best Ever Thing Happened in My Life!

2018 – You are one of the most memorable years of my life!
Everyone welcomes New year with lots of joy, a bundle of hopes and expects many good to happen in the new year. And the joy of unexpected things can’t be explained in words! I welcomed 2018 in the same way as it started with an unexpected good news! On one side, where my happiness had no boundaries, on the other, I was a little bit confused and tensed! It is my prince’s arrival into our lives – and most certainly the best ever thing happened in my life!

Yes, the good news is about my pregnancy. The most important phase of a woman’s life. Like every other woman, I dreamt of my having my own baby. I thought about his growth and enjoyed his movements inside of me. Though I have faced many ups and downs, felt depressed sometimes and of course screamed, “This is the worst year”. But today, I am saying this from the bottom of my heart, ‘You are the best memorable year in my life’Surely, you deserve this, because all the pressures and many issues taught me the reality of life and strengthened me to face the challenges ahead. The first eight months I have been eagerly waiting for my Naanu (Prince), and no sooner the day arrived. It was 18th August 2018, Saturday 15:15 hrs, my little Prince came into this world with the help of Dr. Tina Singh Mam.

18-08-18 – The day when I first touched my son. As it was a C-section for me, I could not hold him that day, I was just allowed to kiss him. My first touch, I kissed him on his left chubby cheek. Yes he is so chubby, that moment is unforgettable and finger crossed, saying no other things in my life can beat this feeling. Last four months I was busy taking his care, recovering from my surgery. As a new mom, I have many challenges and pressures, but his innocent smile wipes off all those worries. My day starts with seeing his face, enjoying his smiles, hugs, tantrums, watching his silly activities and singing lullabies. His cherished smile when I say “I love you I love you….” is a praiseworthy gift to me.

I always want to name my baby or at least add a name to nakshatra name according to my wish, I’m a bit selfish about naming my son because round the clock I use to call his name, don’t I have the right or freedom to name my little one? Finally, after a small revolution and by God’s grace we named him according to my wish. I sorted out the name in memories of my elder sibling and my dearest uncle whom I’m the most affectionate about. Everytime I or my family call him, he recognized his name and responds with sparkles in his eyes and the thought of calling his name gives me goosebumps!
I named him “VEEREN”, yes – VEEREN, who gave meaning and fulfillness to my life. Veeren love youuuuu so much naaanu!

Once again Thank You 2018 for all these cherished memories..

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