Breastfeeding – What Works Best for Me. My Experience.. and Does It Match With Yours?

Breastfeeding - What Works Best for Me. My Experience.. and Does It Match With Yours?

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It’s what best suits you. Yes, there’s no one right way or time, or duration of breastfeeding. Some find 5 or 10 minutes sufficient, for some, it takes 10 to 25 minutes. Feeding for more than 30 minutes is not right. A child’s jaw or stomach can’t take more than that. A gap of at least 45 minutes is required between two feeds. The maximum gap between feeds depends on and varies with every child.

For me, if I breastfeed my two months old baby for 20 minutes from one side and five minutes from the other breast, it fills him for three hours.
The reason I feed for 20 minutes from one side and not equally from both is that I heard that for ten minutes, the milk from one’s breast is lighter and contains more water percent. And after that, it gets thicker. That milk helps in healthy weight gain for your child.
Several factors affect your milk’s quantity and quantity. The most important one of them is what you eat. You can search for those food items and include them in your diet. For me, one spoon of cumin seeds and a cup of milk, first thing right in the morning works best. Also, makhanas with milk are good too.

You will learn eventually what works best for you. Your child will teach you that. Just be patient and don’t rush to the conclusion that your milk’s not sufficient for your child and introduce formula to him.
You have to be just mentally prepared to get up at night and leave your work during the day to breastfeed. And trust me, when that’s rightly set in your mind, it works best for you. It gives you that satisfaction of being the source of food for your child, and it’s the best feeling in the world! Have a happy breastfeeding period.

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