Sickness and Breastfeeding - Home remedies to Protect the Baby and to Get Well Soon

Sickness and Breastfeeding – Home remedies to Protect the Baby and to Get Well Soon

Are you a breastfeeding mom? Are you feeling sick and wondering if breastfeeding your baby in this condition is safe or not? Here is what you can do to protect your child from the same. First and foremost thing to remember is that it is safe to feed the baby during our illness, as our bodies make the necessary antibiotics needed to protect the child; and it is transferred to the baby along with the breast milk. Secondly, it will be really tough for us to get the needed rest when someone else is attending the baby. Relax and take rest, because only if our health improves, we can take care of the baby’s needs like before. So, feel free to get the needed help when you are sick.

Following are the two common conditions that we come across very often, here is something that we can do at home to get better in no time and protect the baby as well:

For cold

  • If you are suffering through a cold, it is best to wear a face mask and feed as it can reduce the transfer of germs while coughing. Else, if you have a good command over a cough, you can neglect the mask by just moving away from the baby or covering your nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing.
  • Take plenty of warm water as it can soothe your throat and also take a steam with some essential oil (like eucalyptus) until you can breathe freely.
  • Drink homemade soups, ginger tea and try to take spicy food (there is a popular saying – eat your cold away)

Sickness and Breastfeeding - Home remedies to Protect the Baby and to Get Well Soon


  • Get as much as rest you need, visit a physician and take the necessary medication after a physician’s. Self-medication can go wrong when we have a baby to feed.
  • Try taking warm towel baths to reduce the temperature. Consume a lot of fluids and reduce the amount of heat in the food. Take subtle foods that are easy on the bowel for digestion.
  • Try to get help for attending the baby’s needs, be with the baby only during feeds. Immediately after feeding, hand the baby over to a family member who can help (someone reliable as only then we can rest peacefully).

Get well soon momma. You are stronger than you ever know!

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