It Is Important to Be With Right People When You’re Depressed!

Depression is like an enemy of the mind and soul. The thing about depression is that it keeps coming back even if you push it away. Despite us claiming to have so many friends, sometimes, we feel lonely. It’s because we don’t, in fact, can’t connect to every person we know on the same level.

We need to find the people who truly care for us and with whom we are comfortable sharing our emotional state with. Sometimes, we may be comfortable speaking to someone who cares less. Some people may care but we are unable to connect with them on the same tangent. Both people need to have the same quotient to be able to express their emotions to each other, then only they can help the other deal with depression or anxiety.

A person who has overcome a situation of depression and anxiety may not be able to connect with you or guide you. An example that strikes me is of therapists. A therapist can certainly help, but some people may find it difficult to communicate with them and speak to their heart’s content!

Hence, they may end up feeling helpless. We need to keep trying and look for the right people, ‘our people’. We need to talk. Talk to whoever we are comfortable with. Talking is like trying to give yourself a chance to escape from the turmoil within. It can get really exhausting as the search may not be that easy, and it may seem never-ending. At times it may force the concerned person to withdraw from people in general. An already lost heart and tired brain may not want to even try. Maybe that’s why in a world filled with so many people, some people are forced to take drastic steps.

But communication and letting your feelings out is the only way out! Finding the right people to talk to can help one come out of depression and lead a healthy and happy life again.

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