Yummy, Easy and Creative Chocolate Balloon Baskets Recipe for Kids

Yummy, Easy and Creative Chocolate Balloon Baskets Recipe for Kids

Vacations are on, and kids must be around all day long, demanding something new every day. Their howls and spunks can be suppressed by some sweet in their mouths.

Also, desserts steal kids’ hearts! And, if it is anything with chocolate, and munchies are half-bowled, we will get the “Yummy Mummy” crown.

My today’s recipe is exciting and easy.

We will require

  • Dark chocolate – 4 Bars
  • Ice-cream- 250 ml
  • Vegetable oil- 2 tbsp
  • Sprinkles- For decoration
  • Balloons- 4-5 in number

What to do

Melt chocolate by using the double boiler method. 

The double boiler method requires you to fill a large vessel with water and put it on the gas. Put another container (definitely smaller than the initial one so that it fits in the larger one and water from vessel doesn’t come in the bowl). Put dark chocolate bars in the smaller container and allow it to melt.

Bring down the melted chocolate and take out one spoon of it and put it in a dish plate in circular shape. 

Now, apply some vegetable oil to all the balloons using a brush and then rotate the balloons in the bowl of chocolate so that chocolate covers the lower part of the balloon. After the balloons are covered with chocolate, put it on the plate (in which we kept a spoon of chocolate in a circular shape). 

Now, transfer the dishes to the refrigerator. How beautiful they look! 

Allow to refrigerate them for some time (it varies from cooling capacities of different refrigerators). 

Now, bring out the dishes. Prick the balloons using a sharp thing like a safety pin or a toothpick.  Beautiful chocolate baskets are ready. Scoop out ice cream and put it in these baskets. Garnish with sprinkles. 

Your chocolate balloon baskets are ready! Let kids relish the dish, and we move back to some chores until they finish their sweet treat.

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