I'm a Mother of Twin Babies and One Had a Congenital Abnormality

I’m a Mother of Twin Babies and One Had a Congenital Abnormality

Always expect the unexpected…I completed the last line of a book and slept that day. I absolutely did not have any idea that the same line is going to be true in my case.

Soon, I came to know that I am expecting twins and the whole world around me changed significantly.  A mother started taking shape inside me and whatever I used to do, the first thought was about my babies.

And one day, my twin sons were born. They give birth to a new mother. Before having them, life was completely different. Both of them were born with low birth weight and immediately sent to NICU for further care. I could barely see them. I was still under anaesthesia post-C-section. My husband told me that one of our sons had a congenital abnormality and had to be operated the next day. He underwent surgery when he was 2 days old and I was not there with him.

It was too painful for me to think about all the pain he would go through. But luckily all the doctors and nurses were great and the operation was successful. He had a malformed anus and doctors performed a surgery called colostomy. I had never heard about this before and when I Googled, it said bypassing anal area and creating an opening on the left side of stomach.

In simpler words, my baby was doing potty from his stomach and not from the anal area. It was a shock for me for a moment because I had never heard something like this exists. But then I prayed to God for giving me all the strength I needed to take care of him.

I really thank God that my son got the best possible care from Surya Hospitals in Mumbai. The nurses trained me about how to take care of his colostomy. The next question in my mind was- is this permanent? Will he be doing potty always like that? I asked doctors there and they calmly cleared all my doubts. They said it’s temporary. When he will be around 9 months old we will reverse the colostomy, means close it and your son will start doing potty the normal way.

I trusted them and finally, my son had a successful reversal surgery and now he does potty the normal way.

This one year journey was the toughest time of my life. I had two babies to take care of. One of them had to be taken to doctors frequently for check ups. But I had a strong family support. My parents, hubby and in-laws, all were there with me.
Sometimes I used to get emotionally exhausted and I could open up with my mother-in-law more than I used to with my mother. Even the caretaker of the children was so good that I did not have to worry about the other twin when I was in hospital with the first one.

Now by God’s grace both of them are growing extremely fast and showering love on us. I am through that difficult phase. But it teaches you a lot. You need your family always. Through thick and thin, they will always be with you. You start believing in God and start to believe that someone is taking care of you…
This is not the end of the story but a new beginning- of a newborn mother.

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