PCOD and Depression - Not the End of the World, My Life Then and Now

PCOD and Depression – Not the End of the World, My Life Then and Now

Hi everyone.

Today I wish to write about how my life changed before and after discovering that I had PCOD.

Let me tell you that PCOD is not the end of your life. In fact, I struggled and came out of the depression that comes along with PCOD.

As you must be aware that polycystic ovarian disease can sometimes change your life for the worse.

Let me start from the time when I was in school. I had very shiny, smooth and clear skin. No pimples, no health issues. A very healthy teenager.

One day I noticed very minute pimples all over my forehead.  I applied many anti allergic and antifungal ointments. Nothing happened.  Day by day those minute pimples kept spreading all over my face, back and neck.   Pimples were so many and extreme that my skin was barely visible. I did visit n number of doctors. Kept having medicines too.
None of the renowned doctors suggested a hormonal imbalance. Three years passed and I visited a doc in Lady Harding college. I took a few tests and medicines for a year. Everything changed. My pimples were gone.
I got married at 30. Planned baby at 31 but failed to conceive. Started having problems with periods so I visited a gynaecologist.
I was told that I had PCOD.

As a teenager when I was having acne issues, that was the first symptom of having PCOD.

I was slender always. No other symptom I ever noticed. Regular cycles.
Second symptom was at 31 when I had a bulging tummy and gastric issues.
Nobody ever bothered to get me tested when I was young. We must look for symptoms and visit doc in case there are some noticeable changes in the body.
In my case, people thought that acne is just a phase and nothing serious.

I read about it. Searched every website. I was devastated when I realised that having a baby will be a 50-50 chance. And some never have that chance at all.

I used to cry myself to sleep. Fights every day with husband. And family pressure was bad. People were talking things about us. I changed my eating habits. Nothing seemed to work. Praying to God helped in maintaining peace of mind.

Now What I Did Learn in That Phase

Stop eating junk food. Two or three morsels once in a blue moon won’t hurt though.

Discard non-stick utensils. No plastic in everyday use. Use steel utensils. No microwave.

Eat healthy. Vegetables and fruits.

Lots of moong daal. Soup also helps.

Two bananas everyday.

Coco water everyday on an empty stomach.

Sesame seeds and walnuts do wonders. Eat everyday.

Wash cereals a lot than pressure cook.

Include lots of turmeric powder.

Flax seeds and various nuts and berries are a must to eat.

Eat preservative-free food. No canned food. No packaged juices.

Kiwi and strawberry are “power fruits”.
Dates and figs should be included in your daily diet.

No curd and pickles at night.

Do pranayam and butterfly asan daily. Walk for 30 minutes daily.


Take ur medicines religiously.

It helped me in getting rid of PCOD and a stressful personal life. I was able to conceive after 7 months.
I have a charming little boy of 8 months now.

I wish you all good luck. PCOD Is not the end of life.

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