The Rattle and Bare Feet - The Story of My Second Labour

The Rattle and Bare Feet – The Story of My Second Labour

Labour pain is the end of pregnancy that signifies a new beginning. Ansh was born after 12 long hours of labour, but Aryan came out pretty faster (5 hours). The story of me being a superpower mother began after Aryan’s birth. 4 hours post delivery, the nurse asked me if I needed help to take bath. Who wants to bathe when you have no energy left?! All I wanted to do was catch some sleep. In between the feeding schedules of Aryan, I could hardly get any sleep.

Then I saw my 3-year-old boy approaching my bed with starving eyes. He looked at me as if I was a stranger to him.  I made some playful gestures and he jumped into my soiled bed. Who cares for all that when you meet your little being who has not eaten and not had a sip of water as he found you missing since morning?! 2 pm and he was eating his first meal of the day. All he wanted to do was look at me with strange eyes and hold my finger. He wanted me to walk out of the hospital with him. How to explain to this tiny tot that we have somebody who needs to be carried back with us. To show his rebelliousness, he threw his slippers and walked out.

The doctor came in and my little one was diagnosed with jaundice. Though it’s physiological (normal) to have that immediately after birth, his bilirubin levels were found to be on the higher side. Doctor said, ” We have to put the baby in the UV chamber for 24 hours,  check his bilirubin levels and after that only discharge can be given”. The baby was given a bath and put in the UV chamber. He cried right from the first bare touch of the glass. My mom had luckily brought my nephew’s old rattle in her purse. She would make some noise, the baby would be quiet for a while and again start crying.

This went on for the longest 24 hours of my life. Ansh got pissed by his cries and decided not to enter the room.  He roamed around the whole of the hospital with bare feet, maybe in search of a quiet corner.  He would come to me only when he was hungry or for bum wash. Because of anxiety, the latter was happening more frequently and making me tired.

All’s well that ends well.  On the third day, we got discharged. I left Ansh’s slippers and Aryan’s rattle in the same room and left the hospital, exhausted.

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