Was It Love at First Sight When You First Saw Your Baby?

Did you fall in love with your baby before it was born? Did you really fall in love with your baby when you held him/ her for the first time? Was it love at first sight?
Yes ? Well, congratulations. You are amongst the mothers who are sorted. There is a baby! There is love at first sight. No confusion whatsoever.
Did I hear a No? It’s alright, come on admit it. Even I had hesitated to admit it. But if you ask me, neither did I fall in love with my baby while he was in my womb nor did I fall in love with him when I first held him. No, you don’t have to feel guilty about it. It’s alright and perfectly normal not to be in love with your baby initially. Instead of feeling a ocean of love inside you, did you feel scared of that lil thing, were you overwhelmed with too much responsibility at once. Yes ? Let me tell you, It’s alright and it’s perfectly normal.Do not make yourself feel guilty about it.
Some of us are born mothers and some of us gradually become mothers. (By now u must have guessed which category I fall in ?) So mothers who are like me, listen up. We are no less, we love our babies equally or may be more but becoming a mother is a really overwhelming process (don’t forget the pain and establishing breast feeding and changing diapers and sleepless nights and handling a tiny being and let’s stop here before I scare my friends who are planning a baby while I’m writing this post). Hence that love overflow may not happen initially. When it does, you will end up loving your baby so much that your husband will take a backseat.
Honestly, I love my baby much more today than I loved him on Day 1. My love for him has been increasing everyday and I’m sure when I read this again after few years I will say to myself, I love him much more today than I loved him earlier.
Such is mother’s love. it keeps growing everyday, minute and second (That’s melodramatic. I told you some of us become mothers gradually).
Yours truly,
A sleep deprived mother
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