Saying "No" - A Necessary Tool to Lead a Happy and Healthy Life

Saying “No” – A Necessary Tool to Lead a Happy and Healthy Life

The most difficult two lettered word that makes you the most unpleasant person the planet could produce is ‘no’. It just takes a fraction of a second to say ‘no’, but it’s reverberations live longer and sometimes for the entire life. Saying ‘no’ is often difficult as you don’t want to upset people.

“What’s helped with saying ‘no’ to others is asking yourself first if I am saying ‘yes’ out of guilt or fear. If so, then it’s a polite ‘no’.” – Neil Strauss.

‘No’ is not just a word; rather, it is a complete sentence. It makes you aware of your boundaries, which are quite fair to have. Just say ‘no’ with utmost grace without having bitter feelings for them. It may be a negative expression for them, but for you, it does miracles as it helps you be yourself.

The word defines your liking and separates what you don’t like. It is not selfish or means, but it is a way of being kind to oneself. One must understand that if you are unable to say ‘no’ because you are continuously forced to say ‘yes’ out of emotions or fear, it is harassment. Then, the word ‘no’ is the kindest word that drags you away from hell.

However, you must not say ‘no’ out of obligation, as by doing so, you are ignoring the important things that need your time and attention. Being able to say ‘no’ proves how sorted you are with your choices.

The word helps you to stay honest to yourself. It is a magical word, so if you want magic in your life, be sorted with your choices and gracefully say ‘no’ when and where it is actually needed.

‘No’ is a preposition for life, which when positioned in the right place at the perfect time, adds meaning to life. It is always difficult to say ‘no’ as it sounds harsh to others, but it is a necessary tool for a blissful life.

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