Here's How I Did Not Give Up On Breastfeeding

Here’s How I Did Not Give Up On Breastfeeding

Mother’s milk is rightly called the miracle drink and its numerous benefits are undeniable.  A powerhouse of nutrition, antibodies, immunity booster and much more! The journey of every mom is beautiful yet different and here’s mine.

When my daughter was as merely a 2.2 kg underwight baby, I had pledged to myself to exclusively breastfeed her for the first six months. But the day I realised that my milk supply was falling low, I felt my heart racing and anxiety levels going up. My daughter hadn’t even turned 3 months. Was this the end of my breastfeeding journey? “No, not so soon.” I then decided to change my diet and before my diet, my mind. Yes, a change in mindset. Every time my baby sucked her hands, I told myself that it doesn’t always mean that she’s hungry. She may be uncomfortable with the diaper or sleepy. Many a times, one hears other family members saying that the child is not getting enough milk and it’s high time to start bottlefeed. All this leads to self – doubt and adds up to anxiety in the new mother. Don’t let this pull you back! Instead, think positive and take pride in the fact that you have been able to create and nurture life! And that’s what I did!

Next, I changed my diet. Consciously added green veggies to my daily diet ( literally daily) and stopped giving in to the habit of ordering food from outside and ate home cooked healthy meals only. I made it a practice to soak nuts daily and eat 2 large bowls of seasonal fruits everyday. Superfoods like garlic, cumin and fennel seeds became my best friends! I added extra garlic to my food, added roasted cumin powder in all soups and veggies and started drinking fennel tea thrice  daily. These dietary changes helped boost my milk supply and I saw positive results in just 2 to 4 days.

My daughter moved from bottom of the chart to almost on the top in 4 months as per the weight recorded by my paediatrician. She is almost 5 months old now and we are sailing smooth. And the journey continues..

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