Parenting Tips and How to Take Care of Newborn Babies

Parenting Tips and How to Take Care of Newborn Babies

Going home with a new baby is exciting and scary as it sometimes becomes difficult to cater to the needs of a newborn. Most new parents haven’t any idea of the responsibilities and behavior of their newborn. Today, to help them ahead, we have compiled a bunch of instructions and details that will have you in your journey as a parent.

A newborn should be given only breast milk for six months! Exclusively breastfeeding is a must for them which means that one should show no water, gripes, tonics, or any form of milk. Babies also need proper clothes which cover them completely, especially the head, hands, and feet. Breastfed Babies pass watery stools after the first three to four days of life, especially after every feed, which is typical for them.

A baby who is feeding well will be passing urine at least 8-10 times a day and sleeps for 3-4 hours in between feeds. One should postpone their daily bathing for the first few days after birth; it is better is to wait until the umbilical cord falls to bathe the baby regularly.  Their room temperature should be in a range of 27 to 29*C so that they don’t waste calories in maintaining their body temperature. It’s easy for a mother to judge her baby’s temperature by touching the baby’s hands and feet and comparing it with the abdomen.

Full-grown babies lose nearly 10% weight while preterm babies lose upto 15% weight during the first 7 to 10 days of life and regain birth weight by 3-4 days. Post this; they start gaining weight by 10-15gms/kgs/ a day.

It is common to face issues like diaper rash, cradle crap, etc., which need to be taken care of immediately.  Besides these issues, parents should also watch for signs of infection in their newborn child. Babies with infections often show poor sucking during breastfeeding, poor weight gain, and increasing irritability. Also, it is necessary to take the baby to the pediatrician for checkups at regular intervals.

Follow these guidelines to ease your way into parenting a newborn!

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