How to Raise Your Child to Be Independent, Happy, and Confident

How to Raise Your Child to Be Independent, Happy, and Confident

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“Please repeat”. “You are wrong, listen to me”, these short sentences may be a small statement for us but it causes a powerful impact on our children. By saying these, we are smothering the thinking, questioning, curiosity and independent cognitive skills of our budding wonders.
Instead, we can rephrase the same by saying: you are doing so well, can we try a new way now or I am all ears to your point of view but after I have listened to you would you like to give me two minutes.
Instead of trying to force-feed the daily routine homework or classwork, try to give a break to your child by letting them play with their age group children develop their own language, their secret codes, their way of speaking, and thinking.
Then you may intervene and say “Oh that’s an interesting thing to do. Have you learnt it from your friend? Will you teach me how to do this?”. By saying these simple sentences, your little wonder will develop a sense of achievement and accomplishment.
Instead of saying – “just finish this fast”, try and say, “would you like to take a 5-minutes break before you try again?”. “Why don’t you teach me your way, then ‘Ill try introducing you to how I have learnt from my parents.”
From my experience, I have seen my child stay happy when she spends more time in physical activity than she spends quality time on her academics. Like we try and nourish our babies with proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables, we should strive to nourish their minds with fun, frolic, poems, stories, hide and seek, playground squabbles and lots of monitored playdates. We remember our childhood filled with lots of stories, fun, and frolic with siblings and cousins. Don’t our children deserve a slice of that similar piece of heaven? We can try and create that similar atmosphere with a little extra effort on our part.
A healthy mind and healthy body make a healthy soul and a happy future. Every day we should remind ourselves that the key to a happy child is a happy and patient parent or parents.

Happy parenting!

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