78 Sports Names For Boys And Girls

It’s a dream come true for sports-loving parents to name their child after a great athlete. Athletes are great role models, and as a result, they provide excellent baby name inspiration.

However, it’s not always easy to develop the perfect sports name for your baby. To ease your struggle, we have collected the best sports names for both boys and girls for you to choose from:

Sports Names for Boys With Meanings

Here is the list of sports names for boys with meanings inspired by some well-known sports personalities:

Basketball Boy Names

Some popular basketball sports names for baby boys:

1. Barkley

Barkley comes from Old English and Scottish origins and means a “birch tree meadow.” It is the name of an outstanding basketball player called Charles Barkley.

2. Bryant

The last name of Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players, is of Gaelic origin. The name means “strong,” “noble,” or “virtuous.”

3. Duke

This name is popular with North Carolina basketball fans of English origin, meaning “a sovereign male ruler” or a “member of the highest grade of the British peerage.”

4. James

James is a classic name for boys of English origin, meaning “supplanter.”  It is also the last name of Lebron James, an American basketball player.

5. Jordan

This name is popular because of Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players. The name hails from Hebrew origin, meaning “to flow down” or “descend.”

6. Nolan

Nolan is a traditional Irish name meaning “champion” or “noble.” The name became popular in sports after Nolan Ryan, the Basketball Hall of Fame moniker.

Formula 1 Boy Names

Some popular Formula 1 names for boys:

1. Adrian

Adrian, who drove the Ferrari engine for Super, is a name of Latin origin meaning “person from Hadria,” a place of royal origin.

2. Beat

The name of the F1 driver, who died while warning others of a crash, means “blessed” and is of German origin.

3. Daniil

Daniil, was the name of the second F1 driver for Toro Roso. The name is of Russian origin and means “only God is my judge.”

4. Fernando

The name of the F1 renowned driver is of Spanish origin that means “daring.”

5. Jenson

The name Jenson after Jenson Button is one of the youngest and successful British car racers. The name originates from Hebrew, meaning “son of Jan or God is Gracious.”

6. Lewis

Lewis is a famous F1 driver for Mercedes. The name of English origin means “famed warrior.”

Athletic Boy Names

Some popular athletic names for boys:

1. Ali

Ali deriving from the Arabic origin name, is made famous by Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer. The name means “supreme.”

2. Andre

Andre of French and Portuguese origins is a derivative of Andreas, a Greek name. The first name of the famous Canadian sprinter, Andre de Grasse, means “warrior” or “manly.”

3. Dempsey

Jack Dempsey, an American professional boxer, is an Irish origin name meaning “proud.”

4. Jenner

The American sports hero, Jenner, is of English origin called “Of the Family of Jens/Jons.”

5. Rafael

The Spanish Tennis champion, Rafael Nadal, means “God has healed” and is of Spanish and Hebrew origin.

6. Usain

Usain, the name made popular by Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, means “beautiful.”

Tennis Boy Names

Some popular Tennis names for boys:

1. Arthur

Arthur is a Welsh origin name of the great tennis player who won 8 Grand slam titles. The name means “bear.”

2. Boris

The german Wimbledon champion, Boris, is a Turkish origin name meaning “battle glory.”

3. Corrado

Corrado is the name of the US Open semi-finalist. The name is of Italian origin and means “sage counselor.”

4. Don

Don, the name of the tennis star who was the World no 1 champion for two years, is an Irish origin name meaning “noble” or “chief.”

5. Gustavo

The name of the three-year consecutive champion of the French open means “peaceful ruler” and is of Italian origin.

6. Novak

Novak, a German origin name meaning “newcomer,” is the 17 times Grand slam champion.

Olympic Boy Names

Some popular Olympic names for boys:

1. Armin

Armin Zoggeler is a famous luger along with being a double Olympic champion. The name is of Greek origin, meaning “defender.”

2. Ben

Ben, a Canadian sprinter whose name originates from Hebrew, means “son of my right hand.”

3. Carl

Carl, the name of the 100 meters gold medallist from the US, is a German origin name meaning “man.”

4. Enrique

The silver medallist of 100 meters race is a Spanish origin name meaning “home-runner.”

5. Fritz

Fritz, the German origin name of the silver medallist athlete from Germany, means “peace.”

6. Justin

Justin, meaning “righteous,” is a Latin origin name of a bronze medal Olympic athlete.

Baseball Boy Names

Some popular baseball names for boys:

1. Bo

Bo meaning “strong and fast” of Israeli origin, is the perfect short name for a baby boy of baseball enthusiast’s parents.

2. Camden

Camden is a Scottish origin moniker meaning “winding valley.” The name Camden Yards, the home field of Baltimore Orioles’ is known to all baseball fans.

3. Gehrig

Gehrig, the name became popular due to Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig is most remembered for his farewell address at Yankee Stadium after being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

4. Jacoby

Jacoby, the surname of the Boston Red Sox player Jacoby Ellsbury is a Hebrew origin name meaning “he who supplants.”

5. Mickey

The famous cartoon character’s name is associated with the popular basketball star player Mickey Mantle.

6. Satchel

Satchel Paige, the first baseball player to be inaugurated into the Baseball Hall of Fame, made Satchel popular among sports fans.

Soccer Boy Names

Some popular soccer names for boys:

1. Achille

Achille is a Greek origin boy’s name that means “pain” is made popular after the mythological Trojan War hero Achilles. In soccer, the name is popular due to the Cameroonian player Achille Emaná.

2. Carson

Carson is a Scandinavian name that means “son of marsh dwellers.” Carson, formerly a surname, is best known as the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals, Carson Palmer.

3. Colt

The name Colt is a name associated with the quarterback, Colt McCoy of the Cleveland Browns. The name is of English origin and means “young horse.”

4. Danilo

Honduran midfielder Danilo Elvis Turcios Funez currently plays for UPNFM. Danilo is the Ukrainian equivalent of Daniel, a Hebrew name that means “God is my judgment.”

5. Landan

Landan Donovan, the United States soccer superstar, made this name popular. The name of English origin means “long hill” or “ridge.”

6. Peyton

This name of Old English origin means “Poega’s town.” The name is popular due to Peyton Manning of Indiana Colts.


Sports Names For Girls With Meanings

Here’s a list of sports baby girl names inspired by some of the world’s most renowned female sports personalities:

Athletic Girl Names

Some popular athletic girls names:

1. Gabrielle

Gabrielle, a French origin name, means “God is my strength.” The name is made popular by Gabrielle, a gymnast, for her performance in the 2012 Olympics.

2. Kallie

Kallie Humphries, the Canadian Olympian, made this beautiful name popular, whose meaning is “from the forest.” The name also has a Greek origin meaning“fairest” or the “most beautiful.”

3. Marina

Marina, a Latin origin name derived from “marine,” means “from the sea.” It was made popular by Marina Navratilova, a great tennis player.

4. Misty

The 3 times Olympic gold medallist Misty Trenor made this sweet name popular. The Old English origin name means “mist.”

5. Nadia

The famous Romanian gymnast Nadia made this name popular. The name of Russian origin means “hope.”

6. Ronda

Ronda Rousey, the popular martial artist, made this female name popular. The moniker has Welsh and Hebrew origins and means “grand” or “loud.”

Tennis Girl Names

Some popular tennis girls names:

1. Amelie

This Latin origin name meaning “strive,” was the name of Amelie Mauresmo, a tennis player who ranked number one.

2. Ana

This short and sweet Latin origin name is renowned for Ana Ivanovic, who won 15 career titles. The name means “favor.”

3. Dinara

Dinara Safina, a former tennis player with number one ranking globally, made this Russian origin name popular that means “treasure.”

4. Jelena

Jelena, a Greek origin moniker meaning “light,” was made popular by world-class tennis player Jelena Djokovic.

5. Maria

Maria is a Latin name that means “Star of the Sea.” The name also belongs to the famous tennis player, Maria Sharapova.

6. Martina

Martina is a Latin name that means “dedicated to Mars.” Martina Navratilova has 59 championships to her name.

Basketball Girl Names

Some popular basketball girls names:

1. Chamique

This moniker belonged to a former Women’s National Basketball Association player. This lovely name translates as “song of joy.”

2. Cynthia

Cynthia Cooper is a retired American basketball player, widely regarded as one of the best female basketball players of all time. In Greek mythology, this lovely name is an epithet of Artemis and means “from Mount Kynthos.”

3. Dawn

Dawn Staley, a three-time Olympian, is a basketball coach and Hall of Famer from the United States. Her name means “the first appearance of light or daybreak.”

4. Lisa

Lisa Leslie is a former WNBA basketball player from the United States. Lisa is a diminutive of Elizabeth and meaning “pledged to God.”

5. Sheryl

Sheryl Swoopes is one of the most well-known basketball players of all time. This version of Sheryl with an “S” instead of a “C” means “darling.”

6. Tamika

Tamika Catchings is an American basketball player who has played for the Indiana Fever and Galatasaray in Turkey. It is a Japanese girl’s name that means “people.”

Baseball Girl Names

Some popular baseball girls names:

1. Annie

Baseball players refer to their groupies as “Annie.” Annie, as a name, is one of the most upbeat variations of Ann that translates as “grace.”

2. Dorothy

Often known as “The Human Vacuum Machine,” Dorothy Schroeder is widely regarded as the finest fielder in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League’s history. Dorothy is the Greek variation of Dorothea, meaning “God’s gift.”

3. Jean

Jean Faut was selected as an All-Star four times throughout her nine years in the AAGPBL. Jean is a French version of Johanna, which means “God is gracious.”

4. Julie

Julie Croteau is the first woman to play baseman in the men’s NCCA, a popular Latin first name derived from the Latin name Julia, meaning “youthful,” “attractive,” or “vivacious.”

5. Pepper

The term “Pepper” refers to a pre-game workout. The American origin name refers to hot spice.

6. Sophie

Sophie Kurys stole 201 bases in 1956, which is an AAGPBL and a global record. It is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “wisdom.”

Soccer Girl Names

Some popular soccer girls names:

1. Abby

The United States Soccer Athlete of the Year, Abby Wambach, has more international goals than any other female soccer player. The name is derived from the Hebrew name Avigail, which means “my father’s joy.”

2. Birgit

Birgit Prinz is the three-time FIFA World Player of the Year. Birgit is a Norwegian girl’s name which means the “exalted one.”

3. Christine

Christine Sinclair is the captain of the national women’s soccer team. Christine is a girl’s name of French and Latin origin, and its meaning is “follower of Christ.”

4. Homare

Homare is the nickname of one of the best female midfielders. It is a Japanese name that means “honor,” “glory,” and “renown.”

5. Megan

The name, Megan, was made popular by Megan Rapinoe, a soccer player. The name is of Welsh origin and means “pearl.”

6. Mia

Mia is one of the most well-known soccer players in the United States. The name is derived from the Slavic word Mila, which means “darling” or “beloved.”

Racing Driver Girl Names

Some popular racing driver girls names:

1. Danica

Danica Patrick is a well-known stock car racer. It is a feminine name of Slavic origin that means “dawn star.”

2. Desire

Desire, a French origin name meaning “desired,” is the name of Desire Wilson, the first woman to win an F1 race.

3. Giovanna

This name of an F1 driver, Giovanna, means “the Lord is gracious,” originating from Hebrew.

4. Lella

Lella Lombardi is a popular F1 racer who participated in 17 races. The name is of Arabic origin and means “dark beauty.”

5. Michele

Michele meaning “who is like God,” is a French origin name. The name is made popular by Michele Mouton, who races for the Audi factory team.

6. Simona

Simona de Silvestro, a Formula E-championship racer, made this name famous. The name means “to be heard”  and is a Spanish-origin name.

So, whether you’re an F1 enthusiast or a die-hard soccer fan, now you can honor your favorite sports personality by naming your child after them.

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