A Letter to Working Mommas – It’s Okay to Feel Guilty

A Letter to Working Mommas - It's Okay to Feel Guilty

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Okay, I know there is no mom that’s not working. But this post is specifically dedicated to all the moms who are working under a payroll (like for any company, business, or any full-time work).
Whenever I post something or even in my workshop the first thing or common thing I get to hear is I am a working mom so I am guilty of not spending enough time with my little one or even family.
This post is not to tell you, don’t feel guilty.
It’s okay. You can feel guilty and you have all the rights for it.
We hear you! I understand it’s tough to manage a house, a toddler or two, a husband (at times), your work, cooking, and cleaning. In this pandemic, it’s super-duper difficult and I understand you for not attending a meeting while the toddler is crying their lungs out. It is worrying you, but you have no choice.
You want to sit for long hours to read to the child, to practice RBE with them, to play with them, and give your full attention. But your worn-out body and mind don’t give you the patience to do it and you feel pressurised and overwhelmed and feel like crying it out. But you are scared because someone said you are a mother and you should be handling it all. Or some working mom you saw on a social platform was doing it all, or even someone might judge you for the choice of joining work back.
But I am telling you, it’s okay if you can’t do it all, it’s okay if you are not following RBE, BLW, or book reading. It’s okay if you find only less time, it’s okay if you feel guilty for all of this, it’s okay if you want to just shout and tell someone that you are having a hard time managing all of this together.
But open up, shout, or cry – Don’t keep it inside you, especially when you scroll through and see people doing it all. Don’t curse yourself for not keeping up with the world.
Speak to someone – tell them you are feeling burdened. But choose someone who won’t tell you to either quit the job or leave your child in daycare as both are equally important for you.
I am here, all ears for you. You can do it! If you are feeling guilty, let that emotion pass, and wake up as strong, powerful, and independent mother and woman you are as always!

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