Tips for Potty Training Your Kids


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Potty training is an integral part of a child’s upbringing. And often, new parents are clueless as to how to go about it. Well, to ease your doubts and journey, today, we have a few tips for potty training that will help all new parents.

Tips for Potty training Your Kids: 

  • Get the right potty seat, make the child choose their color
    as the child will use it.
  • Training pots are of 2 types -one is the small pot or just the seat which fixes on adult seats.  If the child is getting trained to use the big toilet, use a stool under their feet to relax.
  • Decorate the area near the pot, give a book or a toy so that they can spend some time sitting on the seat.
  • Schedule plays a vital role in the training. Just make the child sit in the seat right in the morning after having milk or before having milk.
  • Be a good example for the child. Talk to the child and tell them that we all use the washroom.
  • Tell them about all the steps from undressing themselves to flushing, washing hands, and finally dressing back.
  • Choose a potty-training rhyme; this also really helps, and a child gets motivated.
  • Rewards and compliments should be given whenever they put some effort. Don’t wait for success or failure.
  • Do role-plays with pretend toys where the dolls or toys are using the toilet seat.
  • Consistency is the key, so don’t lose hope and try every day. Anything to form a habit takes around 25-30 days, so we must keep trying continuously.
  • Be patient, and you will train the child.
  • Make them joyful by telling the child time and again that he/she is a good boy/girl.
  • Celebrate when they use the toilet seat and inform the family members too. A warm hug makes a difference.
  • If sometimes they do not go in the right place, do not smack them. Make them realize that you were upset with what they did.

Every child is different, so their training will be a little additional, and we mothers have to twist some of the tips as per the child’s needs. However, these pointers more or less cover the entirety of the potty training process. Happy parenting!

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