Parenthood- Should It Be a Choice or a Compulsion?

Parenthood- Should It Be a Choice or a Compulsion?

Parenthood is a fantastic journey in any parent’s life. Each day is a blessing with your kid. But don’t you think this should be a choice? It should be your own decision to have a child or not. It’s your own decision when to have a child, whether it’s in your early 20’s, late 30’s or even after that.

In our country, it’s a set standard that once the marriage is done, from the very next day their families, friends, society every asks only one question of when they will provide a child. We need to remember that a couple is not married to deliver babies. Give them time to understand themselves, understand each other, adopt the new phase of life they have entered into. Give them their space. Let them decide when they are ready for the baby. A person has to be mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically strong before planning a baby. We don’t have to bring babies. We have to love them, comfort them, guide them, for which you need to be ready. If you are not prepared and happy and have a baby due to the pressure of others, you are constantly under pressure, and you don’t enjoy the best phase of your life as a parent.

People don’t talk about this topic very often in our country as they think about what their elders think, what society should consider, and what their relatives believe. So dear parents, understand that no one is going to raise your baby except you. Thus, you have to stand up for yourself. Have an open conversation with your partner, take time, plan and then have a baby so you can enjoy parenthood. You will love every phase of the growth of your baby.

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