My Experience as a First-time Mom

My Experience as a First-time Mom

Embracing motherhood is a life-changing experience. Once you become a mom, you are no longer on your priority list. At least for first one year of the baby’s birth, you hardly have time to take care of your own needs. I am a mother to a seven-month-old boy. And whenever I feel that I should attend to my hobbies or interests, my baby is always there to remind me that he is waiting for my presence. But it is one of the best experiences for me. I like the feeling that there is someone who truly needs me.

I feel every mother has lived that moment when her child does something special taught by her. Maybe, it’s the first clap, his first giggle, first time calling maa or papa. All these moments are rewarding. What else can you expect from a baby who knows nothing about himself?

My journey from conception to delivery was no doubt painful. Post C-section, those sleepless nights, out of shape body, the pain experienced during gymming and workout sessions didn’t help either, but and despite everything, I love that journey. I guess all women love this journey.

I can never forget the pain of breastfeeding and I am not sure if all women experience the same pain, but those sore nipples and painful breast were the nightmares in the initial months of my baby’s birth. But as of now, I enjoy feeding my little one.

Every woman has her own experience of being a mother for the first time. My mother says that she had much more responsibilities than I have now as in those times there were no washing machines, microwaves, geysers, etc. At the time, husbands were also not that involved in household duties. Today, husbands are much more caring and responsible. And that is the need of the hour. This is my first attempt at writing something and sharing my experience. I hope some of you can relate to my experience. If yes, do share it.

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