A Miraculous Pregnancy - Delivered Healthy Baby Boy with No Complications

A Miraculous Pregnancy – Delivered Healthy Baby Boy with No Complications

It was 2 years of happy marriage when my husband and I decided to complete our family with a baby. As soon as we decided, I conceived in April 2015. It felt like we were on top of the world. But I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks of my pregnancy. It was hard for me to believe what happened with, but I decided to move on.

In May 2016, I again conceived and this time I was happy but was a bit stressed and conscious because of my past experience. When I went for the first/preliminary scan to check on baby’s heartbeat, I learnt was that baby had a good heartbeat but it was an ectopic pregnancy/fallopian tube pregnancy. My doctor said I need to be operated immediately or else, it is a risk for me also. Though my beta HCG level was high, my doc tried to retain the fallopian tube by aborting the baby by giving me injections. I was admitted to the hospital and kept under observation. It was my birthday when my baby’s heartbeat stopped. I was discharged after a week and I joined back to my work immediately without taking rest. I was not able to cry or talk to anyone regarding what was going inside my mind. But it didn’t stop at this, God had much more on my way.

After 3 months of a gap, as advised by my doctor, we tried for the baby and this time I was very desperate to have a baby. Every month, when my menstrual cycle dates approached, I used to be stressed and extremely anxious. I used to buy pregnancy test kits well in advance. I used to test even if my cycle was delayed by two or three days. This went on for almost 4 months. I had to quit my job as I was not able to balance the work life and personal life.

After taking a break from my work, the first thing I did was I consulted my doctor regarding my pregnancy. She prescribed a basic blood test and a scan to check on the fallopian blockage. All we discovered from the test results was that my both fallopian tubes were blocked, had a very low ovarian follicle count and my AMH, or anti-mullerian hormone level was very low. My doctor concluded that I need to go for IVF immediately but didn’t guarantee me on the success rate because of low ovarian follicle count. And then, she suggested me on thinking about an egg donor. We did consult two more top gynaecologists who were specialized in IVF, even their response was the same. They said there is only 5% of chance that I may me get pregnant naturally from my eggs. I just collapsed deep inside having heard that. Those days, I didn’t feel like having food or going out. Though I used to laugh and smile, deep inside I used to feel incomplete and used to cry for a baby. I always asked with God “why me?”.

My husband and I took a counselling for both IVF and for Egg Donor-related pregnancy. All day I used to be on my laptop browsing on how to increase AMH value and stuff related to IVF & egg donor. As days passed, I was going into a sought of depression. It was then when my husband held my hand and supported me to get off from that state of mind. He kept saying if I am not comfortable with IVF or Egg Donor pregnancy, it is perfectly fine. He used to spend more time with me, cook for me, at times watched stupid movies along with me to keep me happy. We started being like a JOYFUL COUPLE. We decided not to worry or talk about the pregnancy until I am mentally ready for IVF.

I joined yoga and started listening to music during my free time. I eventually started enjoying being a full-time home maker. Saw my self being optimistic. September 2017, the unexpected happened. My cycle had delayed and when I checked, the pregnancy test kit resulted in two red strands. I was so happy for few mins and wondered how can this happen. Later, we didn’t lose hope and calm we strongly believed everything will be fine and whatever comes on our way we will face it boldly. We went for the preliminary scan during 7th week, the doctor said, “Everything is fine and baby’s heartbeat too”. My husband repeatedly clarified with the doctor about my pregnancy status. Doctor said everything is fine with me and suggested me to continue with my routine except for traveling. From the time I discovered I was pregnant till I delivered my baby I was fit, healthy and did all my household work myself. I encountered no complications in my pregnancy.

I delivered my healthy baby boy on 6th May 2018, who weighed 2.75kgs. Today he is 7 months old and we have named love of our life as “SHISHIR”. He is healthy, super active and has achieved his milestones comparatively early. At times when I see him, I seriously feel it was a “MIRACULOUS PREGNANCY”.

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