My Breastfeeding Journey - The Best Thing in the World!

My Breastfeeding Journey – The Best Thing in the World!

I breastfeed not because I think I am better. Not because I think less of formula feeding mom. Not because I want attention. I breastfeed because my child wants to be nourished by me. Because this is what nature intended. Because I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

The topic is very near and dear to me as a mom of six months baby. But it was not very easy. It is the experience I always treasured and inspired me to provide supportive content to others mommies. It was 1st March 2020, when I gave birth to my little prince. In the sonography, the cord was around the baby’s neck, so I had to opt for LSCS. Soon after delivery my doctor put my baby’s mouth on my breast for feeding. I can’t describe that feeling in words! That was the sweetest pain on earth. I couldn’t yet feel my lower body due to anaesthesia but I was absorbed in looking at my baby; his little lips trying to suck milk gently. I felt blessed!
But after some hours I came out of anaesthesia and started feeling the pain of the stitches. I was unable to move from one side to the other. The milk flow was less for 2-3 days, but as a doctor, I knew the importance colostrum (the first milk immediately after delivery) and so tried to give those small quantities too. It was difficult for the milk to come out so we had to start formula. I felt so depressed and sad. I felt he didn’t know me anymore; he didn’t need me. I felt like a bad mother. I desperately wanted the bonding between us. But my husband kept trying to give my baby my breast milk, and after 4-5 days my breast flow increased. We stopped formula feed after coming home. Now he is exclusively breastfed. He had gained good weight up till now. Yes, I do breastfeed because it’s the beautiful creation of God. The baby gets nourishment, care, love and increased immunity from breastfeeding. It makes the mother-child bonding strong. Lastly, it is the best feeling in the world!

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