The Magic of Positive Affirmations

The Magic of Positive Affirmations

A very warm welcome to all you, dear ones. We are officially in 2021. 2020 has gone by and has left us with many sweet and sour moments. There was a lot to learn, imbibe, and share with an endless emotional ride by one and all. I am sure most of us, willingly or unwillingly, have worked on developing a High Emotional Quotient last year because the year 2020 made us sail through one of the most turbulent years of our life.

Well, today, as we usher in the New Year, I am thrilled to write on the magic of positive affirmations. These days, everyone, whether at an individual level or collectively as a family, is going through a rigmarole of feelings, emotions, opinions, and judgments about themselves and people in the immediate environment. So, why not take the initiative and collect ourselves by reflecting within because that’ll not only bring a change in the manner we conduct ourselves but also those in our immediate environment.

So, What are affirmations? They are strong and positive statements that enable us to get over self-limiting beliefs about ourselves.

I am a firm believer in keeping a positive outlook on every aspect of life. Though it’s not easy to have a positive mindset, it is a conscious choice one makes for oneself. Keeping a certain outlook needs a lot of practice and is a gradual process because the change in an individual happens at a subtle level and is visible over a period of time.

There are times when we fall prey to negative thoughts, and no amount of guidance helps in such situations. These are the self-reflective moments. In my case, on a bad day, positive affirmations fill me with hope and help me collect myself to move on, and on good days, these affirmations keep me enthused and active.

Here are some powerful affirmations you too can use for yourself. In case you are doing these affirmations with closed eyes, don’t forget to visualise a happy face while doing these. Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying some of these affirmations at least once every day can also help. They will immediately boost you up and fill you with positive energy.

Here are some affirmations I swear by.

1. Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

2. I am healthy, happy, active, energetic, and enthusiastic throughout the day.

3. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the universe for all the blessings in my life.

4. At any level of my mind, negative thoughts have no influence over me.

5. I am relaxed and centred. I have plenty of time for everything.

6. I am filled with divine light and creative energy.

7. I express myself freely, fully and easily.

8. I am attracting loving, satisfying and happy relationships into my life.

9. I love and accept myself completely.

10. I am happy and successful in all my endeavours.

Do try them out. I am sure you’ll be radiating love and light all around.

Do try doing these for yourself and you’ll discover a sea of change in yourself.

I hope you found this article useful. Do share your experience and views on it.Thank you.

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