Here’s How I Communicated With My Baby During Pregnancy

Here's How I Communicated With My Baby During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing for a woman. It is no less than a miracle, I would say. When a woman is pregnant, a new life evolves within her. You plant a seed and can watch it germinate. But this seed grows within the belly and rather than just watching it grow, you feel it growing.

One fine evening of September, doctor congratulated us. And we were literally on cloud nine. Finally, our baby was going to arrive in this beautiful world after 8 months. As the doctor said, the foetus is already 1-month we went on a dinner date directly from his clinic. While we were having our dinner, it suddenly rained. Within an hour the roads were full of water. We took it as a sign from God. Even he was blessing us from above. Somehow we managed to reach home safely.

My hubby started treating me like a princess. He showered his love and care of me. He would take care of my healthy food intake along with my cravings. In fact, I think he had more cravings that I did. Gradually, I started having morning sickness and I used to feel tired. So, I slept a lot; I would switch off my phone and sleep for hours together. I had heard a lot about vomiting in pregnancy. I didn’t experience it a single time except for once when I had stones in the 5th month.

We started listening to bhajans and strotras in the morning, which we still do so that our baby gets positive vibes and develops a sound mind. It is very important to talk to your baby. We used to talk to our baby daily while she was in my womb – it makes the little one happy inside. At night, I used to hear lullabies and fall asleep. Even my hubby used to talk to baby daily. From the end of the fifth month, we started getting the response from our baby whenever we spoke to her. My baby would respond whenever she was awake. But to her dad she would definitely respond twice a day. Whenever he came back from office, I would let my baby know that ‘Papa is here’ and she would definitely kick. And then she would kick at night.

As I don’t like reading much, I used to solve reasoning puzzles and play sudoku. I also made a colorful frame with readily available stitching kit. These kind of activities kept me busy and I guess sharpened my baby’s mind. This was the golden period. Every couple should give in their best during this phase of life.

My husband and I decided not to stay away from each other in this journey as he didn’t want to miss a single moment of this beautiful journey. So both of our parents came to our place at the time of my delivery.

As the time for my baby’s arrival was approaching, we shopped a few essentials for the baby so that we can wash and disinfect them before using it for the baby. We bought only essential things – no toys and accessories. At the eighth month set in, I kept my bag for the hospital ready with my clothes, a towel, few napkins, toiletries, 8-10 baby clothes, baby’s dry sheet, soft mats for baby, 15-20 nappies, baby wipes, wrapping clothes for baby, sanitizer, and most important my medical file.

One fine evening, I was not feeling right. So I called the doctor and she asked me to come for a check-up. As we got the checkup done, we were asked to get admitted immediately as my blood pressure was high and I guess I had facial palsy.

When the time came to rush to the hospital, we just took that bag. Last-minute hassles happen and it can increase your blood pressure. And not all the members of the family would know what you need. So better to keep your bag ready by yourself. We were ready for everything and we went to the hospital.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and is a gift by God. Make lovely memories and I guarantee you the outcome will be equally lovely.

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