Diastasis Recti After Delivery

Diastasis Recti After Delivery

Diastasis Recti is a condition which occurs to women in their late 30’s. We often hear people suffering from back pain, posture problems, hernia, etc. DR can be a cause of all these.
DR is abdominal muscle separation, a normal condition that can happen to mothers after delivery. It’s worse in mothers with more than one child.
There are three kinds of DR: upper abdominal gap, lower abdominal gap and both combined. You can check by lying down on the floor with your head raised. Check the midline of the navel with your fingers. If you have more than a 4-finger gap, it is a concern.
After delivery, wearing splints and doing postnatal exercises can keep your DR in check and even reduce it. If you’re having DR, avoid putting a strain on the area and don’t do heavy abs exercises.
You can choose an online programme. These programmes generally involve pelvic floor exercises and core strengthening exercises that can easily be done at home.

If you’re planning for a second baby, please select one such programme to not worsen your DR after the second pregnancy. Many trainers don’t give this information to ladies. I would have never known this if my pelvic floor trainer wouldn’t have told me this when I was pregnant.

Please spread the message to other women. I had Diastasis Recti, and took a online programme to reduce it. The recovery process is slow; you need to have patience.

Once you’re cured, you can happily do your abs workout with good intensity.

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