Shaving Is More Beneficial Than Waxing Your Body Hair

Shaving Is More Beneficial Than Waxing Your Body Hair

Nowadays most of the women and even men prefer to visit the salon for removal of their body hair and expect to have smooth and silkier skin. As this seems very convenient to them for long term hair removal, this is only a semi-permanent method for hair removal. Moreover, there are many who opt for laser treatments of hair removal as well, which is called a permanent resolution to get rid of hair problems.

But the question is do you know the long time future impacts and repercussions of these laser and waxing processes? Undoubtedly there are many articles and immense promises, that make you believe that waxing helps to remove tan and dead skin from your body. But, waxing has a number of hazards. For instance allergic reactions, rashes, sun sensitivities or a number of infections which might be the reason for skin diseases in the future.

On the other hand, why do I believe to choose shaving over waxing? After studying and experiencing a lot of things. Your skin is the first love of your body, so why are you hurting your skin and make it suffer from a lot of pain. There are no harms to adopt the shaving method as there are women specially designed razors or epilators in the market. You just need to maintain the required personal hygiene and disinfect them after every single use.
Some Useful Tips-
  1. There is always the fear of wrong regrowth, so always shave in the same direction of hair growth. In this way, your growth will not be harder.
  2. Use a good moisturiser after shaving and dusting powder.
  3. Keep your razor in a hygienic place.
  4. You will have no fear of any sun sensitivity.
  5. Undoubtedly, hair regrowth is quite faster in this process, but you can maintain the same weekly procedure. This is a very skin-friendly procedure that keeps you safe from harmful skin diseases.
  6. It is a cheap process and helps to save your money and time as well.
Keep yourself beautiful in your own way. Don’t let other people make you beautiful. This is all in your hands to love and keep your lovely skin safe.

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