Five Best Things Worth Buying for Babies

All the parents want to give the best of everything to their bundle of joy. Considering the current market and the wide range of options there are for babies, we, parents are in a constant dilemma about what to buy, and if it will be worth it after buying.

My husband and I always check the reviews and then buy products, but still, there were bad choices among the many good choices we made. I thought I’d share the top five products that are worth buying for kids aged 0 to 1.5 year old.

  1. Breast Pump: Thanks to the person who invented breast pumps. Because of this revolutionary product, I got some me-time, sleep, and I could go out, leaving my baby with someone at home.
  2. Baby Gym: I love the concept of baby gym. Initially, I thought it would not be that useful, but my baby showed me how useful it is and how much he enjoyed his time in it. Most importantly, it helped in achieving his milestones by engaging his hands and legs. I loved watching the colourful gym.
  3. Baby Bathtub: Bathtub has been really useful for bathing my baby, who loves to play and spend time in the tub. It seems like I will be using it for a longer time than expected.
  4. Car Seat/Rocker: I had to put these two together because the use is almost the same – for feeding and rocking my baby to sleep. My little one is a light sleeper. When I tried this method of rocking, for the past few months, he takes his morning nap in the rocker. A car seat can also be used to feed and rock the baby when out, not to forget the baby’s safety when driving. Glad I picked both.
  5. Blender Cum Steamer: This has been my saviour ever since I introduced solids to my baby. I started with fruit and veggie purees, soups, juice, etc., and this product made my life easy. I still use it, and I’m sure it will be of use forever.
I hope this list makes your life easy too. The feeling one has when the shopping goes right is awesome, isn’t it?

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