Pregnancy Should Be a Delightful Experience But Here, It's Something Else...

Pregnancy Should Be a Delightful Experience But Here, It’s Something Else…

As we all know pregnancy is a beautiful period. A woman goes through a lot of physical changes which we all know about. But there are so many psychological changes in a woman which are very difficult to understand, that she goes through as well, and it’s equally difficult to make other people understand it.

Because of this, sometimes woman faces a lot of difficulties during and after pregnancy. Here are some situations which become too stressful or out of control when a woman is pregnant:

  • She wants to go outside and enjoy but faces family restrictions.
  • She wants to work but the family denies her the chance.
  • She wants to go to her parents’ home but is not allowed to go.
  • She wants to wear fitting clothes but is not allowed to show her baby bump.
  • She wants to go to the parlour but is not allowed.
  • Excess rest is not allowed as old myths say that doing household work will help in promoting a normal delivery, so she works even if her body doesn’t allow her.
  • Husband denies to take you along with him to parties.
  • If a woman is not doing household chores then she can’t expect to go to a party, because if she is not well for doing work at home then how she can go for a party?
  • Don’t talk too much.
  • Don’t watch T.V.
  • Don’t laugh in front of others.
  • Don’t show that you are having a good pregnancy.
  • Comparison – We used to do this in our time but you are not doing it now!
  • Lots of advice and suggestions.
  • The pressure of normal delivery.
  • The pressure of giving birth to a baby boy only!

The experience is different for every woman. Some may have everything perfect during their pregnancy, but I think that ratio of women is very less, because in our Indian society the list of things to deny a pregnant woman has been passed down for generations, and that is without any logic. I just want to ask one question – Is this pregnancy or some kind of torture? If you are feeling good and normal, then why should you be denied anything?

A woman should be physically healthy and that is important, but this is not in their hands because there are a lot of internal changes that happen which leads to many problems. But the woman also has the right to live psychologically well, and this can only be possible if she lives in a happy environment.

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