Surviving the First Week With a Newborn


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You have been waiting for this day and are all set to welcome the little one. But no matter how much you are ready, it’s going to be hard. Give some time for the baby and yourself to adjust to the new environment. The little one is going to miss the warmth of your womb, his/her favourite lullaby, and also your heartbeat. Here are a few ways you can comfort your little one in a new environment immediately after childbirth.
  • Hold your baby as much as possible; he/she loves it. This is the best way to calm a newborn. I was either holding my baby or was lying next to her most of the time. Thanks to my mom and husband, I had no other work to be done.
  • Look for hunger cues and feed every two to three hours. Burp the baby after every feed. After long feeding sessions, I used to find burping my baby very hard, but it is a must! Burping prevents the baby from spitting up or being very cranky.
  • Keep baby rightly dressed depending on the weather.
  • Keep the temperature right. My daughter, Advika, was born in June and since the temperature here at Chennai is always hot and humid, we had to use AC most of the time. A temperature of 25° C should be fine.
  • You are exhausted physically and mentally and need a lot of rest. Sleeping when the baby sleeps actually works only for this week. So, make the most of it.
  • Seek help. Don’t hesitate to get help, involve your husband to do some work. Let them bond with the baby, too. My husband used to change the baby’s diapers, swaddle her, and rock her back to sleep, and my mother was the one who took care of everything at home. In case you and your husband are alone, arrange someone for cooking and household work.
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthily. Try to include food items that help lactate and don’t forget your vitamin supplements.
  • All new mom’s experience an emotional rollercoaster during postpartum because of the hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, and new responsibilities.
  • Go for short walks and get some fresh air. Relax and keep your mind calm. You are doing good, mama

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