Project Baby Gal Came Into the World, and Breastfeeding Became Bliss!

Project Baby Gal Came Into the World, and Breastfeeding Became Bliss!

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Hello, Mommies! I am sure the title might have given you enough idea about the intent behind this blog, but as it may look, breastfeeding is not actually a bliss for a lot of women, including myself.

There was a sudden plan for a C-section after I went through 12 hours of labour pain. When my daughter was born, I was the happiest person on this earth. But, little did I know what was waiting for me on the other side of the fence! She was given to me after 9 hours, and breastfeeding never came into my mind, even though I knew throughout my pregnancy that I am going to breastfeed my baby. It just never felt like one of the most important parts of parenting.
The struggle to make her latch on to my nipple, and the struggle to even pop out the nipple was unlike I’ve ever faced before, even in my board exams! Those initial 3 to 4 days looked like on-the-job training to me, where I was handed a new project, and my performance was being monitored. At that time, I understood that your breasts become public property once you give birth. My mother-in-law, my sister, the doctor, everybody was pressing them as if they were theirs!
Days passed, and finally, I was able to do it properly. But another task was sitting for long periods of time, while my stitches were in place. At the time, I used to cry when people would judge me – why is she giving the baby formula? Not producing enough milk? Try this, or try that! I would breastfeed my baby alternately, but the pressure from people used to kill me inside. I know what is best for my baby, and I was trying for that. In all of this, you realise that nobody asks you how you are doing! I think that’s the most important question one should ask a new Mom, as at times, she is ignored once the baby comes.
Well, those 2 months went by, with lots of learning. I quickly became project manager! I was happy and satisfied that I was able to breastfeed, massage, and bathe my baby. It was a great time, but as they say, every night has a morning. I, too, had one, and after that, it seemed like a phase that just went by, and I cherish every bit of it

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